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Agent Gryphon

Are you kidding me!

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Well, I saw Doctor Who today, but instead about being that, this is a rant.

So apparently a female friend of mine has "complained" to my male friend, talking about it with others girls telling him to tell me to start wearing belts because my butt crack apparently is showing (It's not even that much), and when I texted her, telling how I felt hurt because instead of directly talking to me about it, she goes ahead and says it is highly inapperiate for a girl to talk about this with a guy no matter how close they are. And despite still telling her I feel upset about this, she's telling me to talk about my pastor about boundaries. WTF! It's not like I am doing this on purpose, my belts are acting stupid (By the way, this same girl has a butt crack showing every now and then). She still doesn't get that all she had to do, to say directly to me can you or you should wear belts (Apparently she's blind, as I do wear them) and I would have gotten the hint, because she's already said pull her pants up.

It pisses me off, embarrasses me and upsets me, that instead of talking about it with me, she tells my friend to do it, and she still doesn't think she has done anything wrong, and acting like she's scarred by this. Apparently it makes them uncomfortable, because it's my fault. Well you know what, you don't like it, STOP FRACKING LOOKING! I don't want to see the tip of your butt crack either, but I don't say anything because I know it's not your fault.

She doesn't even say sorry, or anything. I don't think she's even a friend, not if she is telling me to talk to one of the guys or pastor about boundaries, you know because apparently I love waving my ass in front of people (Instead where it's obivous I always pull my pants up, or bring down my shirt when I stand up because she mentioned that). I can't talk to her, no I am sorry you pull this crap with me, I am going to be upset.

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  1. Lyrebird's Avatar
    I don't want to see the tip of your butt crack either, but I don't say anything because I know it's not your fault.
    Maybe you should in a polite manner and also get better belts that fit better?
  2. Stardust Crusaders's Avatar
    Ah that sucks :/ Your 'friend' sounds really rude and mean.
    I remember when I started sixth form college and they had these weird stools/chairs without backs in the upstairs cafateria. I have quite boney hips so sometimes wearing a belt while sat down for long periods of time hurts, so I didn't wear a belt for ONE day, and I sat down on one of the chairs and my butt was showing a little bit because my t-shirt had come up without me noticing, and this random girl I didn't know walked up to me and shouted "Do you mind not showing off your butt to get attention from guys every time you come in here". I was pretty confused and super embarrassed because she said it really loud.. and also because it was my first ever day at college (so I dunno where she got the "every time you come in here" part from, especially seeing as it was her first day too) so... yeah :/... every day after that I wore my belt really tight and made sure if I was wearing a shirt that sometimes came up, i'd wear a hoodie too no matter how warm it was.

    Everyone shows butt from time to time, I don't get why some people make such a big deal out of it. A quiet "by the way, you might wanna pull your jeans up a bit" comment would've made an already embarrassing situation a lot less embarrassing.
  3. Lysson's Avatar
    She likes your butt. She must frequently look to comment about it anyway.
    She's obviously conscious that she's looking as to why she said to see a pastor because she feels guilty for looking.
    Maybe you could give her something to moan about by running around naked :D! (I strongly suggest you don't and I doubt you would anyway)
    She sounds like a butt.
  4. Tyrfing's Avatar
    I'll be entirely honest with you; you're kind of overreacting too. She may just be incredibly flustered by that kind of thing and just doesn't want to talk about it. Have you both known each other long? If so, you are definitely overreacting. Try to change the subject when this is brought up, or maybe buy a new belt if you can afford it. You could also theoretically bring up her butt crack as well.

    You can't really take my word for anything since I don't know you both in real life, and I'm not a psychologist, but that's what I'm going to say on this.
  5. White Yoshi's Avatar
    I'd hate to wear belts. To be honest, I have a fear of them :(.

    Anyway, she maybe did that to try not to hurt you (even though the method she tried was wrong anyway). I'd have a bit of regrets talking to someone about wearing belts because your crack is showing.
  6. elveonora's Avatar
    First world problems indeed. But I agree with you, she is a hypocrite and not a true friend. But I'm clueless, what does a pastor have to do with butt cracks? Or you know what? I rather wouldn't like to know :P
  7. Agent Gryphon's Avatar
    Lyre- Hm perhaps I should buy a more expensive belt, they might be better and fitting still annoying though.
    SD- The thing is, she's already made comments about pulling it up, and I do, I even pull my shirt further down (Because you know how shirts can be) when I stand up, and it's only ever for a few seconds as well. Mayhbe I should just get a trenchcoat, haha solves everything.
    PPF- I will be honest, it is weird that she doesn't just ignore it, and apparently it makes her so uncomfortable, despite it's probably two seconds and she should just look away, I am never standing directly in front of her when I do it, hell I am usually the last one to step out of a car, so it's not like it happens all the time. (And no, never haha, I am waaay too self conscious about my body to even think about something insane like that)

    Jdog- Maybe you are right, just I felt embarrassed and kinda hurt, instead of coming up to me and just saying, would you mind wearing belts, or I think you should get a tighter belt, I would have blushed, been slightly awkward but moved on and actually attempt to find more belts that might actually fit me better. I think I have know her for about two years now, maybe. And the fact she's been helping me with all kinds of stuff, makes you think we were fine friends, but... Well she is quite bossy, and a little judgmental to be honest. All she really needed to say was, I am sorry if I have hurt you or something like that, what upsets me the most, is that she didn't even say sorry or acknowledge my feelings were hurt. Basically going No, I don't care (Okay she didn't say I don't care, but it might as well have been). It's funny how when things make her uncomfortable, I have to respect her decisions, but I have been uncomfortable about stuff in the past, or things she has said, and she doesn't seem to respect that at all.

    Elve- Haha no! Nothing bad, yeah asking me to talk to a Pastor is pretty dumb. What she said was, to talk to a Pastor so he can tell me about boundaries (This actually ties in with previous blog posts, basically it's the a girl and a guy cannot hang out together, and no matter how close they are, they cannot talk about stuff like this apparently). No, I am not talking to him at all, it's actually rather pathetic to say boundaries, because then it sounds like I am intentionally doing it on purpose. What a load of crap, okay fine she doesn't want to talk about it, fine but it's no excuse for the way she went about it, and she cannot tell me who I can talk to about what (I have a feeling that includes even female best friends... Society really is pissing me off, and this kind of thing is going to drive me away from this church. For good, no not from God, just from the church).
  8. Lyrebird's Avatar
    A better belt means a belt that fits better, I did not mention anything about price. Plus belts look decent and also people dislike pants that are loose.


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