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Remembering Digimon Tamers

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I'm curious to see if The Digimon 2015 'sequel' is a whole reboot of Adventures 02, or a third sequel that takes place after 02. Since Taichi is confirmed to be 17 in the new sequel, hopefully, the new series appeals well to the older fans.

But I'd like to see a reboot of Digimon Tamers as well. Story-wise, this was probably the best or second best out of the entire Digimon series. I didn't really understand most of it when I was a kid, but Tamers was pretty awesome when I rewatched it as an adult. It's just that the target audience should have been aimed at the older fans, not the kids. A reboot with older teenagers or adults should be cool. More involvement from the government might make a good conflict plot (iirc, the government was partially involved in Tamers). As long as they balance the overall dark atmosphere with a few bright moments, I'm pretty sure Tamers could be received much better than it had before.

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  1. Neo Blaze's Avatar
    I watched every series that came after Adventure 02 this summer (the first two series were part of my youth but I never saw anything after that). And Tamers is definitely my favourite series, together with Xros Wars (minus the crappy Hunters season). It'd be cool to see at least a continuation of Tamers.

    I've also been wondering if Adventure 2015 is going to take Adventure 02 as canon, but it has to IMO. If they're doing this, I also wonder if they're going to develop the things set up in the epilogue of Adventure 02. Like Tai studying to be a UN diplomat, and developing the relationships between Matt and Sora and Ken and Yolei (who ended up together in that epilogue). Really hope we're going to see some actual footage soon.
  2. Isaac Gravity's Avatar
    I'm down with Tamers getting more love. Hands down favorite Digimon series.


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