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What if Ghost-types were immune to entry hazards?

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This is something I wondered for some time, since I thought it made sense. After all, ghosts are known to be able to achieve intangibility to phase through things. It's true that they already have one effect immunity (trapping), and while its effect is quite good, there aren't too many Ghost-types that appreciate the immunity to trapping. The one that benefits most from this immunity is Aegislash, since it could've been vulnerable to Magnet Pull and Arena Trap, but it isn't.

Entry hazard immunity simply means that all the effects of entry hazards do not affect Ghost-types, which includes poisoning from Toxic Spikes and Speed drops from Sticky Web. Immediately, you could see the benefits of this, such as any Rock-weak Ghost-types finding themselves able to switch in Stealth Rock without draining HP too quickly. This makes them less risky to use.

The one that would benefit most from entry hazard immunity is none other than Shedinja. With various means to remove its one and only HP, its benefits rarely seem fruitful. Having another form of immunity through its type would make it easier to use, meaning it could switch into certain threats without worrying about hazard control. It still has a long list of hazards to worry about, but entry hazard damage in particular is a big obstacle that to see it being cleared is a huge burden off its back, especially in Singles (not so in Doubles, where spread moves are a threat).

Of course, it benefits other Ghost-types in a big way. Drifblim, for one, could apply its Baton Pass strategy better without Stealth Rock too hurt it, or it could Defog the field to rid of hazards without being punished by the Rocks. Defensive Ghost-types' immunity to Toxic Spikes allow them to switch in more easily without compromising their defenses through poison. Focus Sash could be an item of choice for survivability (assuming weather isn't popular).

Still though, Ghost-types are still not quite high up in terms of strength. The other types have various Pokemon that are rather useful, whether it's their combination of moves, their abilities or their stats. While a lot of Ghost-types have good movepools or abilities, their stats are usually the part where they fell back, which is a big reason many of them aren't as useful. The biggest exception is Aegislash, who effectively has huge stats, despite its shallow movepool compared to most Ghost-types. To a lesser extent is Gengar, with a huge Speed to accommodate its high Special Attack and movepool.

While Ghost-types theoritically had it good that they are advantageous offensively, its lower Base Powered attacks undermined this. Dark-types might have Fairy resisting them, but they at least had high Base Power attacks, particularly Knock Off (if opponent has item that isn't a Mega Stone) and Foul Play. Even Sucker Punch is a great move to have since its effect could easily kick in, and it's a priority move.

In short, while it doesn't necessarily help Ghost-types in the long run, it does help them in a huge way compared to immunity to trapping (though that's something other Pokemon wishes they have). Perhaps having both effects could be as good as immunity to a status like Burn (Fire) or Paralysis (Electric).

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Kyriaki's Avatar
    Oh god, I'd seriously appreciate this. Immunity to entry hazards - my Froslass needs this. She's a speed based pokemon, so Sticky Web really hurts, plus there's Stealth Rock which hurts even more. I usually send out Froslass as the first pokemon, but just in case I need to switch out, if she's got immunity to all those entry hazards I'd be having a better time in battle. An extra immunity to Toxic Spikes would be useful, too.
  2. Lysson's Avatar
    I'd like it so much. Entry hazard drive me mad, I don't use them as I see it as a cheap trick.


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