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Bolt the Cat

Had an Idea for a New Type of Battle Facility

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I was discussing ORAS and Hoenn's Battle Frontier on Pokebeach, and I was thinking about how wild Pokemon show up in some of the battle facilities that aren't catchable. So that got me thinking, what if we COULD catch Pokemon in a battle facility? So with that, I came up with an idea for how that could work.

I call it the Battle Park, it would work somewhat like a Safari Zone/Friend Safari and a battle facility in one. First, you would be sent into a Safari Zone type place where you would have a limited amount of time to catch Pokemon with your existing party. There would be several different environments for you to find Pokemon (which ensures that you can find enough diversity so you can form a balanced team) and the Pokemon found would be completely random (say, several dozen different species out of over a hundred possible species). They also have a chance of having their Hidden Abilities. After you're ready, you choose 3 Pokemon to keep and you battle with them. Regardless of how well you do, you get to keep the Pokemon you used, but you can also win BP in the same way you can in the Battle Maison, each battle you win gives you 1 BP.

So what do you guys think?

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  1. BlackOsprey's Avatar
    Huh, interesting concept. The only problem would be a fresh-caught wild Pokemon would have a tin of trouble going up against a facility, but I guess the game could dumb the AI down enough to get that to work.
  2. Silktree's Avatar
    You get to keep the Pokémon you used? Then either this would create easy access to relatively competitive Pokémon, or every Pokémon in the facility would have lackluster movesets and the battles wouldn't be very interesting.

    I don't see the appeal of a facility that merges the Safari Zone and Battle Factory. Maybe Game Freak should introduce something similar to the Bug-Catching Contest where your caught Pokémon is judged for how well it does in a short tournament rather than pre-set parameters.
  3. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    @Silktree; I don't really see much of a difference between your idea and mine.

    At any rate, you guys have a good point, it would be hard for freshly caught Pokemon to do well in this kind of environment (although that all depends on level as well, and I imagine they would be at relatively higher levels like around the 30-50 range so they probably wouldn't have completely suckish movesets). I suppose they could compensate by having one or two Egg Moves, TMs, or Move Tutor moves, kind of like what they did in the Dream World. They could possibly restrict this by either giving you a set of "point" to teach them better moves or just as rewards for winning battles.
  4. Silktree's Avatar
    My idea isn't a battle facility. It's just a spin on a Catching Contest, so they wouldn't need to worry about the movesets too much.
  5. Kyriaki's Avatar
    So it's like Battle Factory, but you have a much wider selection and you get to keep them. Sounds good to me. I always liked playing with rentals because I don't have to raise a team myself, and they have diverse move-sets that isn't generally seen in most Wi-Fi battles. If you get to keep them after catching them, all the more better.
  6. Erza Scarlet's Avatar
    I've actually done this sort of thing in college, we'd quickly catch random Pokemon from the friend safari then do a battle against each other in the form of a free for all. We are all in the same boat as each of us had similar Pokemon.
    So your idea could be like what I do. There are also other NPCs doing the same as you in the safari, getting random Pokemon and then you do battle with them?
  7. Fairy Ice Ricky's Avatar
    Another not-as-significant concern is the fact that there would then be two facilities with wild Pokémon as part of their "gimmick" I guess (this one and the Battle Pyramid). I'm actually wondering if there's a way to potentially rework the Battle Pyramid so that it had some sort of Friend Safari mechanic added to it (but still keep the core workings of the original Pyramid somehow). Would probably get a little too complicated, though.
  8. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    @Fairy Ice Ricky; Three if you count the Battle Pike.

    At any rate, I think making wild Pokemon catchable in those facilities would go against their inherent purpose. The wild Pokemon there are meant to be obstacles and catching them would be pretty tricky to implement anyway (you need 3 Pokemon to enter, what would happen to the Pokemon after you catch them?). But this facility is specifically built around using freshly caught Pokemon to battle, that's what separates it from those facilities.


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