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Guess what I'm fangirling over (again).

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These two. Aw yeah.

I've finally seen two episodes of the anime that have N in them, and what can I say? I'm still a crazy fangirl, same as 2011. It kind of seems the writers decided to downplay his "creepy stalker" aspect and emphasize on his more amicable traits. I'm fine with that... although I'm a bit bothered by his voice. It doesn't sound bad, but a noticeable characteristic video game N had was a tendency to speak really fast, which didn't really seem to translate into the anime (or at least the dub). And... well, they altered his backstory and goals considerably, but it's not enough to ruin the character. His personality is pretty much the same as his game incarnation. And I appreciate that!

Now, when the BW series was in its earlier stages, I was irritated with the writers for not introducing N early on like in the games, and even more enraged when I heard the two episodes with Team Plasma went the way of Electric Soldier Porygon. I must say though, the episode with Braviary pretty much made it up for me. It wasn't full of blatant idiocy or anime-physics battles. It had Team Plasma. And, most importantly, it had N... saving a BRAVIARY. I figured they could make a good episode with N and a good episode with my favorite Pokemon of Unova, but I never thought they could do both at once. Saving Braviary is the first Pokemon anime episode I actually enjoyed since I was eight. You show the best character in Unova (and arguably the entire franchise) risking everything to save one of my favorite Pokemon of all time... Geez, it's like that episode was created from one of my daydreams.

Honestly though, only N can make getting beaten up by a Zangoose-Seviper tag team look cool. I kind of wonder how he takes all these Pokemon attacks without getting much more than a scruff on the face. Don't you think a Pupkaboo's Shadow Ball or a Zangoose's Slash would do more than that??
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  1. Lysson's Avatar
    Maybe he's a really good Zoroark so can take attacks.
    I freaking love N too, he is probably the best character. (But still my 2nd favourite. You can probably guess my favourite)


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