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Pokemon Special Game Challenge feat. Emerald - #1

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The Rules - by @Midorikawa;

For my theme in Emerald version, I decided to go with a Blue Exorcist theme because that was the first thing that popped up in my mind.


To start off, I chose the male protagonist and named him Rin (as in Okumura Rin).

-Littleroot Town to Odale Town-
After getting off from the truck in Littleroot Town, I did everything they told me to do - set the clock, get the Potion from the PC, and visited May's house. Time to go save Prof. Birch and get my starter. While I would have normally chosen Mudkip or Treecko for a speedy game, considering that I'd have to divide the usage of HMs without using a slave, I went and chose Torchic.

It's male. Prof. Birch asked me to give it a nickname, so naturally I named him Yukio (Rin's twin brother). It has a Bashful Nature. How unfitting. Now off to go visit May who is out doing field work.

On my way to Odale town, I fought two Poochyenas and leveled up Yukio. When I got to May on route 103, she had one Mudkip, so it was a normal 1 vs 1. All I did was spam Scratch and won. Yukio leveled up again, and learned Focus Energy.

Back home, I got the Pokedex from Prof. Birch, several Poke Balls from May, and the Running Shoes from Mom.

-Petalburg City to Petalburg Woods-
By the time I got to Petalburg City, Yukio became level 10 and learned Ember. There were three trainers who had two pokemon while I only had one, but they were all too easy.

After getting through Wally's capture tutorial, I headed straight to Route 104 and Scott started stalking me. By the time I arrived at Petalburg Woods entrance, Yukio was at level 12. If you're wondering about me overleveling my starter, don't worry - I'm about to get my second pokemon.

...which was right after I defeated the Bug Catcher with 4 Wurmples. I met a level 5 Taillow and caught it. Male. Quiet Nature, and has the ability Guts. I named him Mephisto (from Mephisto Pheles)... and again, really unfitting. Since the rules don't state about how many times I can visit a Pokemon Center, I went back to Petalburg City to heal up and get more Poke Balls.

-Petalburg Woods to Rustboro City-
I came back and found the Devon employee who was being threatened by an Aqua grunt. He had one Poochyena. It was at level 9. Mephisto easily defeated it despite being only level 5 (which shows how incompetent those grunts are). Thankfully, this battle let Mephisto level up straight up to 7. The Devon Employee rewarded me with a Great Ball.

There wasn't anything eventful afterwards. I got out of the Woods and found the boy who gives you the Bullet Seed TM (which I probably won't use). I also got the Wailmer Pail from the Flower Shop (again, I probably won't use it). Now, on to the grass patch behind the Flower Shop to get my third pokemon.

Yup, Marill are found early in the game - before the first gym. This time, it's a female. Named her Shiemi. She has a Modest Nature and... ability is Thick Fat. Ah well.

After battling the remaining trainers just outside Rustboro, I went in the City and healed up and saved. I will start the next journey by either challenging the gym, or going through Rustboro first to fight some trainers. Maybe I'll get through the trainers first for some leveling up.

-Progress Report-

Trainer: Rin
Rustboro Pokemon Center
0 badges

1. Yukio (M)

Level 13, Bashful Nature, Blaze
Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember

2. Mephisto (M)

Level 10, Quiet Nature, Guts
Peck, Growl, Focus Energy, Quick Attack

3. Shiemi (F)

Level 5, Modest Nature, Thick Fat
Tackle, Defense Curl

Since this is my first time doing a challenge based play, I'll hear any suggestions on what I should add/not add while I blog my progress. Mind, I won't be able to post videos or screenshots.

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  1. Kimono Dragon's Avatar
    Hopefully you can find a Skitty and name it Kuro...
  2. Midorikawa's Avatar
    So we both have the same water type even though we're in entirely different generations. I like your team, though I don't watch blue exorcist so I don't know the theme.


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