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Mega Evolution Candidates (Part 7) -- Generation 6 Pokémon

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How are you, everyone? This is the final Mega Evolution Candidates article, and what's the subject today, you might ask? This time, we will be doing Generation 6 Pokémon. It was confirmed before the games were released that Generation 6 Pokémon are exempt from Mega Evolutions. Therefore, this article answers the question: "Why should Generation 6 Pokémon be left out of the Mega Evolution goodness?".

Since Generation 6 has less new Pokémon, today's list will be shorter than the usual 12 candidates that I usually do. To celebrate the past articles, one of the candidates will represent the topic of each article, with a few extras thrown in (so that it isn't always about the past). If you want to know what my picks are, what are you waiting for? Let's go!

Delphox ~ Popularity

Type: Fire/Psychic
Ability: Spirit Shield*
Stat Boosts: Atk +20, Def +20, SpAtk +40, SpDef +20

*Halves damage from Special moves.

Calling back to the first article of the Mega Evolution series is the criteria of popularity. If you don't remember, Mega Evolutions were chosen based on three criteria, according to the designer. One of them is this, and based on my observation, Delphox is a popular starter for not only being a starter, but being a fox and being very enticing to fans for its wizard's motif.

When Delphox Mega Evolves, its inherent fiery powers could behave like a prepetual barrier that aids its ability to take Special attacks. Its Mega Evolution might have some head fur to act as a wizard's hat, in the same colour as its dark red fur. Surrounding its fur is an aura that glows orange, and it looks fiery.

For the ability of choice, I will go for Spirit Shield, which has the beneficial effect of halving the damage of Special moves. It might not look like much, but this is very good for Delphox, despite its Stealth Rock weakness. How did I get this idea? The answer will be revealed below in another section below, because this one's ability "popularity".

To put it into perspective, after the changes, Delphox essentially have a base Special Defence of 289 if maxed, so you can imagine how resilient it would be. It's not as resilient as Blissey, that's for sure, but it's still very bulky. The other stats are mainly to help Delphox out. Special Attack so that it can do lots of damage, while Defence it for the extra beef. Attack is added since the boost in Special Defence is so big that some could be sacrificed into it.

Being a Psychic-type, Delphox's support movepool is top-notch, so it will find plenty of opportunities to tank the opponent, or support with Wish, Will-O-Wisp, Hypnosis and Future Sight. Of course, one could also use Calm Mind to start setting up if the opponent is out of Physical attackers, since Delphox has huge Special stats.

Florges ~ Visual Looks

Type: Fairy/Grass
Ability: Regenerator
Stat Boosts: Atk +10, Def +10, SpAtk +40, SpDef +10, Speed +30

Visual looks is the next category I covered previously, after popularity. Going by the basic definition based on my interpretation, it's got to be something beautiful. This is where Florges comes in. When Florges Mega Evolves, it is one with the plants and changed type. It would have petals around its waist like a dress, and would have some opera gloves, similar to what Mega Gardevoir has.

Florges is oddly without a Grass-type, seeing as how it has a lot of Grass attacks. To remedy this, a Grass-type is added to give more resistances to Florges (though it received new weaknesses as well). This will ensure that it properly takes advantage of its Grass STAB.

The main stat boosts for Florges are Special Attack and Speed, because both are important to make its ability to sweep easier. It would be an ideal supporter and Calm Mind user, using Flower Shield to boost its Defence if it needs to. With Regenerator, it doesn't need to worry about losing HP overtime, so less risk is involved if you have a bad matchup.

Heliolisk ~ Game Balance

Type: Electric/Normal
Ability: Technician
Stat Boosts: Def +25, SpAtk +40, SpDef +10, Speed +25

The next category that I covered before was Game Balance. If I were to pick from among the Generation 6 Pokémon, Heliolisk would have been my choice. Its Electric-type would be a great help in covering the several Water- and Flying-types, while its Normal-type grants it an immunity to Ghost (not quite common, but it's always great to have it).

When Heliolisk got its Mega Stone activated, it could use its generated power more efficiently, even when it's not quite as strong. Some things that could be done is to make its frill bigger. Its tail will also be black and have a frill like its head. Perhaps its eyebrows could be more pronounced, somewhat like Helioptile's "sideburns" to give it a more ferocious look.

The basis in changing Heliolisk is to make it a much better Special attacker. To achieve this, it needs to have more Special Attack, but that's not enough. To make sure it could do its job well, Technician is the ability of choice. This will allow Heliolisk to take advantage of its low-powered Special attacks to great effect, namely Hidden Power, Grass Knot (on lighter targets), Round and Parabolic Charge. The rest of the stats are to beef up Heliolisk, especially its Defence, so that it survives priority better (especially from Talonflame).

Klefki ~ Reader's Choice

Type: Steel/Fairy
Ability: Intimidate
Stat Boosts: Def +10, SpAtk +10, SpDef +10, Speed +70
Picked By: @-Glory Blaze-;

The fourth part of my Mega Evolution Candidate series dealt with the reader's choice, which we will cover for Klefki. The only person who requested it chose Klefki, and so that to not disappoint him/her (I might have my own ideas), Intimidate will be the ability that Mega Klefki has.

When Klefki received its power from the Mega Evolution, it becomes more intimidating to its opponents. The teeth portion of its key body becomes more like real teeth, which could scare predators. Not only that, the pink jewel under its head is extended to look like it is grinning at you.

If using Intimidate as the ability of choice, the stat changes are a lot more restricted if it were to be as useful as Prankster. The best solution, I believe, is to up its Speed to its extreme so that you could have the benefit of moving first while being able to use your previous moves with priority to beef up your defence before going for the sweep. Since Klefki doesn't have an Attack-boosting move, its Attack is not boosted.

Chesnaught ~ Fake List

Type: Grass/Fighting
Ability: Guardian*
Stat Boosts: Atk +30, Def +20, SpDef +30, Speed +20

*Its Defence stat is gradually boosted.

The fifth part is about that Fake List, and the fake list I will be referring to is the same one that mentioned Delphox potentially had Spirit Shield as a Hidden Ability (Greninja's is correct because Protean was confirmed before it was made). This leaves us with Chesnaught, who had an interesting (fake) ability. Once Chesnaught Mega Evolves, its shell armour becomes a lot more fortified, making it more fortress-like. Its arms gain larger shields to help make it a spiky guardian.

Guardian is a great ability to give a Physical wall, because it makes Chesnaught gradually difficult to handle, as long as the opponent lacks a Flying-type. In fact, it is a great answer to many Physical attackers because it makes it difficult to make them set up. By being a staller, Chesnaught will do well to make them less inclined to set up.

When it comes to the boosting stats, defences are the emphasis, because of the guardian motif. This makes Mega Chesnaught a tough nut to crack, for it could even help it better deal with some Special attacks. The extra Attack could even give it a pseudo-Bulk Up, and the extra Speed is good for a staller.

Gourgeist ~ Personal Pick

Type: Ghost/Grass
Ability: Innate Fire* (Small), Flash Fire (Medium), Filter (Large), Thick Fat (Super Size)
Stat Boosts (Small): Atk +10, SpAtk +40, SpDef +10, Speed +40
Stat Boosts (Medium): Atk +10, Def +10, SpAtk +40, SpDef +20, Speed +20
Stat Boosts (Large): Def +30, SpAtk +30, SpDef +30, Speed +10
Stat Boosts (Super Size): Def +40, SpAtk +30, SpDef +40, Speed -10

*Gives user extra Fire-type.

Finally, the previous Mega Evolution article dealt with my personal picks. For this one, I picked Gourgeist because it is my favourite Generation 6 Pokémon. For Gourgeist, I decided on something different: each Mega Gourgeist functions differently, thus giving each form a use.

Gourgeist gains different powers depending on its size after Mega Evolution. The smaller forms tend to get more fiery while the larger ones gained a thicker skin, thus getting more defensive. The stats reflect this by giving the larger forms a larger increase in the defences. The only major boost among them all is Special Attack, due to Gourgeist's much better Special movepool.

The Small Gourgeist works best as a mixed attacker with the extra Special Attack and Speed, and the triple STAB is sure to come in handy. The Medium one is a mix between offence and defence, utilising its ability to take any Fire attack, while retaining the resistances of a Grass-type. The Large one has more defences to go with its reduced weaknesses, in order to more effectively tank. The Super Size one has Thick Fat, essentially reducing its weaknesses to three, an advantage that is very good to have for a Grass-type (as I have mentioned once in a previous article).

Pangoro ~ Extra 1

Type: Fighting/Dark
Ability: Justified
Stat Boosts: Atk +40, Def +20, SpDef +20, Speed +20

Closing off the Mega Evolution articles series are a couple of extra Pokémon that didn't fit into the previously-stated six categories. The first of the two I will cover is Pangoro. After Pangoro's Mega Stone's power is unleashed, its embraces the values of justice well. Its fur could become more like a professional suit, and maybe its twig becomes a bit more like a short bamboo.

The new thing here about Pangoro is a new ability. Justified fits Pangoro because it is a Pokémon with justice. Its type suits its ability to take Dark attacks, thanks to its double resistance and taking normal damage from Knock Off (Mega Stones doesn't affect Knock Off's damage). To compensate for removing Pangoro's useful abilities, the stat boost will not waste any on Special Attack.

If one takes into account the Attack boost, it would be stronger than Iron Fist. Along with this reason the Attack received the biggest boost, it also makes Pangoro a dangerous force to switch into. In order to gain even more advantage, there is still the threat of Parting Sort to neuter any would-be threats. To take advantage of the extra power, Mega Pangoro will have more defences to take extra hits. An extra Speed boost ensures that you out-speed a few more threats, such as Politoed and Scizor.

Clawitzer ~ Extra 2

Type: Water/Bug
Ability: Mega Launcher
Stat Boosts: Atk +10, Def +30, SpAtk +40, SpDef +20

The second of the extra Pokémon I will cover is Clawitzer, who I see have the most potential for a Mega Evolution. Its well-known characteristic is its pincer cannon, so after Mega Evolution, Clawitzer will have a more refined pincer cannon that is also armoured.

The biggest change for Mega Clawitzer is the extra Bug-type. It's odd that not every crustacean has a Bug-type (the only one is Dwebble and Crustle). To fix this, along with the lack of Bug-types in Generation 6, Clawitzer gains a Bug-type. This will grant Mega Clawitzer two useful resistances (Fighting and Ground), although Rock and Flying are not good to have (nothing its attacks can't handle). If this is the direction, then Clawitzer will need to learn Signal Beam and Bug Buzz.

Since Clawitzer is already quite slow, adding Speed might not do it any favours, so its other stats are raised instead. Special Attack's boost is the biggest to strengthen Clawitzer's best stat and specialty. Its defences are also boosted a lot to compensate for the lack of Speed, as well as allowing it to take attacks it resists better. The extra Attack might not sound necessary, but it does give its Crabhammer a boost (and oddly enough, it learns Swords Dance).

And this concludes the series of Mega Evolution candidates article series. It was fun making these because it's fun to think about how to make certain Pokémon better, different or in some ways, remarkable. Of course, that's not to say it's not difficult, because it's not easy to think up of different ideas for 83 Pokémon.

So, I would like to show my gratitude to anyone who read not only this article, but each of the past ones as well. Maybe you might not have felt like you agreed with the direction, but I still appreciate that you took the time to read them. Another group of people I would like to thank are those that never commented at all (but read them). I don't know who all of you are, but if you're one of them, thank you.

With this, I hope you enjoyed reading these articles as much as I have writing them.

Thanks for reading,
I appreciate it.

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