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Ever Heard Of...

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...a band called Young the Giant? I've been listening to them a lot recently and I was just curious if anyone else listens to them.

They're an alt-indie band a bit less hipster than Arctic Monkeys, a bit softer than The Black Keys, and a bit less electronic and slower than Two Door Cinema Club, but still similar sounding all alike to those three bands. I think they're signed with Fueled by Ramen, which is the same label as Paramore and Panic At The Disco.

Big hits are Cough Syrup and My Body. My personal favorite is It's About Time. Here is the Cough Syrup video.

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  1. Leggo's Avatar
    ! I love that song!
  2. Life's Avatar
    Never heard of them before, but I did enjoy listening to that song! Might just have to start watching them from now on.


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