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Guessing Steven's role in ORAS

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1 If his pokemon mega evolves, his key stone for mega evolution would be on either one of his steel thingys on his arms or his rings.

2 He'll probably get Mega Aggron (If there are no new mega evos in oras. Aggron is nobody's signature pokemon as of yet, so it's possible)

3 He should return as champion. It's a MUST.

4 If his outfit gets a redesign, he'll probably get a fancy-classy suit (an upgraded version of the one he's wearing now), hiker clothing (like in the anime), or a simplified version of his original design - a shirt with short sleeves and a vest or something. Seriously, he's probably going around caves, deserts, and volcanoes (where it's well over a hundred degrees) searching for rare rocks - that suit and jacket is going to suffocate him. It's already warm enough in Hoenn, so wynaut a lighter outfit.

5 Weekly rock give-away. He likes collecting rare stones, and seeing how he's given a King's Rock to a neighborhood kid, he's probably happy to share them with people. Maybe he could give out rare stones (Shiny/Dawn/Dusk etc) once in a week.
6 Free Devon products. Steven already gives us the Devon Scope. It's possible there may be more.

7 Beldum as a gift. Cuz he already did before. Maybe this time, he'll give it to us in the main story, not in the post-game. It's possible that instead of the Wynaut egg, we could be getting a Beldum egg. (The Wynaut egg was pointless considering that Wobbuffet could be caught in the Safari Zone)

8 As much as I want him to stay as champion for all eternity, I have to admit the idea of him retiring after handing over the title to the Player Character (or Wallace for post-game champ) makes sense because he leaves a note in his house that he's going to travel. So meeting up with him in Meteor Falls in the post-game might not be so bad. However, I will only accept this idea if he could be battled more than once. Like Red in HGSS

9 He'll be the one to give the Player Character a Mega Stone if it's not Prof. Birch (highly likely to be for Latios/Latias depending on the game). Any events related to Mega Stones may be related with Steven.

10 More encounters with him along the way, and maybe more interactions with him (in probably every cave or I'd love another Tag Battle with him against the Aqua/Magma boss.

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  1. Norzan's Avatar
    It would be cool if the Beldum he gives is holding the Metagrossite, of course this could only happen if Metagross gets a Mega Evo in the first place it better or i'll go in a murderous rampage
    Updated 23rd May 2014 at 02:36 PM by Norzan
  2. Lugion's Avatar
    Mega Metagross or bust!
  3. Me Gusta's Avatar
    well, Metagross is already established as Steven's signature pokemon. I want Steven to give us stones, though. That would be awesome!


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