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Darkrai's Dream


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At long last, I finally found (and caught) that silver Eevee! I named her Embrace. I've Masuda Methoded over two boxes of Eevee without any luck, so eventually I gave up, but when I learned that Friend Safaris have a higher shiny encounter rate, I jumped right into my Eevee Safari and searched for probably over two weeks. Not very long, I know, but simply finding Embrace after two weeks of hunting isn't why I'm so happy about this that I made a blog about it.

During my hunt for silver Eevee, I came across another one. I was so excited to finally see a shiny Eevee! So I shifted out my Zekrom, and shifted in Absol. Absol used False Swipe, to make Eevee easier to catch. But I completely forgot one critical point about Eevee in the Friend Safari: They know Take Down. Before I could catch that brilliant silver Eevee, he used that one little move, and fainted from recoil damage. Needless to say, I was pissed off. I'll probably never see that one Eevee again, but at least now I have Embrace. And she makes me so happy.

I plan to evolve Embrace into a Sylveon, eventually. But I'm just so happy about this little silver furball that I probably won't be evolving her for a while. Her stats and nature seem about right for a Sylveon. Fun fact: Sylveon may look like a really girly Pokémon, what with being pink and all the bows and whatnot, but 87.5% of all Sylveon are male. I take humor in the fact that Embrace will be a female Sylveon, but turn out to be blue, a color many perceive to be more masculine. Pink boys and blue girls, heh.

@Zima; Am I a shiny hunter now?

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  1. Vubberth's Avatar
    Congrats! =) My first shiny was an Eevee from a tournament event a while back. I evolved it in pink Vaporeon. Yep, it was male. ^_^
  2. Phoenixon's Avatar
  3. Neosquid's Avatar
    ouch. Gotta be more careful next time. but congrats~
  4. Kagerou's Avatar
    Oooh! Congratulations! :D Getting the rarer gender as a shiny.

    You're a shiny hunter if you search for shinies, silly. XD I'm just a shiny hunter on crack.
  5. Zexy's Avatar
    Wow, User_Name... finally, after all this time! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!
    All those Fusion Flared brown Eevees finally paid off! Grayvee has hapenned! Embrace ir with all your shiny-hunting love, please :)
    May she become a cute blue girl xD
    Zima, acknowledge him please. With Eleven the Loudred, he has two now. :]
  6. Karisse's Avatar
    So cute. x3
  7. Pain Split's Avatar
    @Vubberth; Yay, pink boys. My shiny Sneasel is a pink boy. As is my shiny Loudred. And I love them.
    @Phoenixon; Thank you!
    @Neosquid; I will be more careful; instead of having a False Swiper in my team, I put in a Ghost-Type to avoid Take Down recoil damage. It was all @Alexey;'s idea.
    @Zima; Thank you! I'm glad you think so.
    @Zexy; Yeah, I roasted quite a few brown Eevee.
    *hugs Embrace tightly* You just love your puns don't you, Zexy?
    Did you forget that I got a Pink Dunsparce from the shiny hunt?
    @Bishie Karis-chan; She is. Silver Eevee are just really freaking adorable.
  8. Zexy's Avatar
    What about a Ghost False Swiper?xD
    Alexey has cool ideas!

    My puns are not that good... hope you don't pun-ish me for using them :P
    oops I forgot. It's been a while since Dune's catch. you just attract pink shinies like a magnet


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