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Tales of a Shiny Hunter

Question Time!

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Every day I become less enigmatic, but even my best friends don't know everything about me.

In this blog, I present you the opportunity to ask me anything. I will answer most questions and do so honestly.

It can be about anything, really! Please ask away!

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  1. Lyrebird's Avatar
    1. Why is Lyrebird awesome?
    2. Would you compare Lyrebird to Wonder Girl/
    3. Would you drive a tank?
    4. Would you fly a plane?
    5. What do you think about free trade agreements?
  2. Kagerou's Avatar
    1. I have a ton of Pokemon plushies, so yes. :3
    2. No, but I'd love to.
    3. I like cookies and ice cream quite a bit. Candy's awesome, too.
  3. Kagerou's Avatar
    1. Because she speaks in third person.
    2. Lyrebird is real, making her infinitely better.
    3. If I have to kill people; no, but otherwise, sure.
    4. Same as 3.
    5. I think they're awesome, actually. Being able to trust another nation to the point of having a lack of tariffs. :3
  4. Robin Storm's Avatar
    Thanks for answering my question! ;)
  5. weeaboo's Avatar
    do you taste good in a smoothie
  6. Kagerou's Avatar

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