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XY abilities for old pokemon

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I was thinking about this. The new XY abilities are very limited to certain evolution groups. The reason for this is probably because all the old evolution groups already had abilities. Only competitive has been given to various pokemon that only had one ability. Some pokemon seem to have gotten megas just so they could have one of the new abilities. So let's see what pokemon would've been perfect for certain abilities!

Chatot is probably the pokemon who would realistically make the best use out of this. Namely because of Boomburst. It would actually be a force to be reckoned with. Plenty of other flying types could have gotten it but eh it wouldn't be much special. Gyarados would be interesting maybe.

Aroma Veil:
This is a really cool new ability and only one evolution line got it. Vileplume, Meganium, potentially Skuntank and Garbodor could use it. Pokemon with a strong aroma. Garbodor and Skuntank already have stench but this ability is much better. These pokemon could sure use a useful ability like this too.

Aggron, Blastoise, golem, forretress, torkoal, bastiodon, crustle, cofagrigus, escavalier, probably more pokemon that are kinda tank like or can hide in some way. This ability is inredibly good, for one it makes you immune to special fighting attacks so something like avalugg would actually have liked it too (wonder why it didn't get it). It also blocks shadow ball which is the only move special ghost types are able to use so psychic types would sure like it as well. But alas only chesnaught got it so its impact on the metagame remains limited.

Cheek Pouch:
I have no idea how much hp this heals but this ability should've gone to pachirisu and emolga and patrat.

Flower Veil:
This ability isn't that good but Cherrim still only has one ability for some reason and is pretty much a large flower. Meganium and Bellossom are other candidates for this. And whatever else has a flower. Venusaur?

Fur Coat:
We could give this to so many pokemon. I'm not sure who'd be the most happy with it, arcanine maybe? Literally any pokemon with fur is a candidate. And provided it has higher defense than Furfrou it could actually be a pretty good ability. Especially on pokemon that can use will-o-wisp for maximum defense increasing.

Gale Wings:
Literally any bird pokemon. Swellow would be the most logical choice but it pretty much needs guts to be good. Staraptor maybe. This ability is so overpowered though, I'd actually be glad if this stayed on Talonflame. As the mega pokemon creator guide goes: is your pokemon flying? if not can you think of a reason to make it flying? if yes to either mega ability is now gale wings.

Muk and Swalot, no-brainer there. I doubt gooey would improve them much but yeah. Maybe ditto could have it for the lulz but nothing will beat imposter on that.

Grass Pelt:
Leafeon and Shaymin maybe? Whimsicott? This ability is outclassed by fur coat and not that good.

Any psychic or dark or fairy type I guess. It's not really good and can be given to various pokemon.

Mega Launcher:
Octillary, magmortar, Hydreigon. They'd actually need to get the pulse moves though. But Blastoise got them too upon getting this ability. This ability is a great one and hydreigon especially would've really liked it. Genesect might've gotten it if was introduced a gen later I guess, flavour wise it fits perfectly though move-wise a bit less.

Parental Bond:
Vespiquen maybe? Mother of the bees. Might've actually seen some usage that way, it's never used with how rare it is.

I'd want to say wigglytuff but it would lose out on one of its STAB's. Why doesn't wigglytuff have boomburst, if it had boomburst then this ability might have had some use on it. Though I guess pixilate hyper voice is still better than dazzling gleam.

Glalie with an ice type explosion is what comes to mind the first. Doesn't its dex entries even say it freezes moisture around its head? This ability was made for Glalie.

Strong Jaw:
Granbull, Drapion, Basculin. Probably some other things. Pretty neat ability and it sucks it's exclusive to Tyrantrum family.

Sweet Veil:
This ability isn't very good but maybe the Vannillite line? Considering it's ice cream and the only other pokemon with this ability is a cupcake.

I guess Slowbro or something but it couldn't really use it well. This ability is pretty sucky.

Tough Claws:
So many things. Like everything that learns slash. Linoone would be great with this ability though it would also need to learn extremespeed in some other way than box.

So yeah, it's a shame that these abilities are so exclusive and I hope next gen they'll give even more abilities to pokemon, and just make switching between abilities easier. We have the ability capsule already.

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  1. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    I think the reason they didn't do this is because most Pokemon already have three abilities, and they'd have to retcon one of them in order to make it happen (as they did with Competitive). Unless they decide to add another Hidden Ability slot, I don't think many old Pokemon are going to get new abilities from now on.
  2. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    @Bolt the Cat; yes I know that's the reason they didn't do it, and there are tons of ways to implement fourth abilities. Competitive actually didn't retcon any abilities but just added them.


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