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Dating in a Pokemon Game?

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First of all, it already happened. 'Dating' was present in Pokemon Black2 and White2.

In case you forgot, Curtis and Yancy dated you on the Ferris Wheel. Their lines imply that they really like you, and they blushed whenever you called. If you look at their speech patterns, it's obvious to see that they're being shy and affectionate.

People call 'dating' to be not fit in a pokemon game because 'it's for kids', and 'dating is mature'. WRONG. There was nothing mature about Curtis and Yancy, and they dated you on the Ferris Wheel in a 'game for kids'. Game Freak did not have any issues putting in the Lost Item sidequest and letting kids experience dates on the Ferris Wheel.

'Dating' does not equal 'mature'. To put it simply, it's spending time with the person you have an affection for. It's hanging out with a person you really like, more or less. Is there anything mature about it? NO. Personally, I think Curtis and Yancy was a very good addition to the games. They enjoy our phones calls, they enjoy riding the Ferris Wheel with us, they get shy around us - it's very cute! I find it really adorable, and I really liked this feature. I don't see why Game Freak can't make another dating option like the Lost Item sidequest in the future games. They already did it once - why not again?

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  1. Master Mew's Avatar
    If we're calling "Dating" anything other than "A close friend of the protagonist who spends time alone with you sometimes and occasionally says things that vaguely imply they are attracted to you," then no - unless they raise the age of the protagonists, then I'd be cool with it.

    No, not because dating is "too mature" for a kids' game, but because I just can't (and won't) take ten-year-olds dating seriously. The aforementioned "We're really close friends" bit is an exception because it's sorta cute, but if it's "serious" dating it's just... awkward. Not "too mature," just "awkward."

    (NB4 someone sagely informs me that some 10-year-olds date in real life, as if it's somehow less silly in that context)
  2. Lyrebird's Avatar
    Screw dating. Just go for the **** and leave.
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