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Hello, you Pokemon-loving memers!

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The house is great! We live upstairs above the landlord (who's really cool, and writing a musical about the former owner of the house) and we just got internet. Turns out living away from your parents and being a grown-up is easy as hell. I miss the baby, but I got to see her in a video chat last night.

The place is going to have a nautical theme, since it's mostly wood. I might post pics later. :)

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  1. Mako's Avatar
    Get a periscope to spy on the neighbors.
  2. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Sounds nice :)
  3. Sunburn's Avatar
    Sounds awesome :D I love wooden interiors, makes you feel like you're at the beach or in the mountains or something.
  4. Zexy's Avatar
    Enjoy the place!


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