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Phone fail

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Due to the non-stop messaging using a free messenger app (it also shows if your conversation partner read your message or not! How annoying!), I got irritated and told a friend that I would rather receive messages using the original phone texting system, not the messenger app. I'm not always at a place with free Wi-Fi, and I don't like keeping LTE/4G on all the time since I have limited service on that.

Me: Please text me using the plain text system. It's better that way.
Friend: But messenger apps are free. Texts are not.
Me: Then send me only important stuff. I can't always use Wi-Fi
Friend: But what if I have to tell you really really important stuff? Like, stuff I need an answer right away from you? I'd need to know if you got my message or not!
Me: ... call me.
Friend: But - oh.

This isn't even uncommon. Forgetting that you can call people using your phone? omg

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  1. Venom's Avatar
    OMG thank you for posting, this made me Lol so much.

    yeah I don't think my sister know phones can do that either xD


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