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Tales of a Shiny Hunter


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This title is vague and seemingly random, but I did something I never would have dreamed of doing today.

Considering what I spend most of my time in X doing, many of you have probably guessed it, but I have caught 100 shiny Pokemon in all of my games combined.

I knew for a fact that I would do it today, and I'm not disappointed with my 100th at all. In fact, I think he's very cute. XD

Oddly enough, the two shinies I caught today are Generation II Pokemon and appeared in the anime. .-.

Hoothoot (who is now a Noctowl) and my 100th, which is a Shuckle.

I originally named my new Shuckle Sheldon, but after realizing that this guy was #100, I named him Sto, which is Russian for one hundred.

I've come very far with my shinies and will continue to hunt for them. Man... I remember when I thought thirty was a lot. XD

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  1. Venom's Avatar
    Damn Zima! is shiny hunting all you do?
  2. The_Pikachu's Avatar
    That's awesome. Now you should beat my friend. I can't as I don't spend my time shiny hunting, but I think you can. :P
  3. Xita's Avatar


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