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I felt I should tell everyone I'll be leaving these forums. It was a fun year and 2 months, but I feel as if it is time to move on. I'm not going to do some big mentionfest or write some long feelsy spiel.

To all the friends I have made here, never shall we meet again. If you have any last words feel free to VM or PM or just comment here.

Farewell all.

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  1. Kagerou's Avatar
    Jolene, we may have very different morality scales, but I still enjoyed the times I spoke with you. No matter what, people are going to disagree on things, but that's what makes our friendship special.

    I'm sorry to see you go and I hope you stop by at one point in the future. :<
  2. Niji's Avatar
    It's always kind of a shame when people leave, but it's your choice. Well, I Hope you enjoy life off the forums, then.
  3. Lyrebird's Avatar
    I will avenge you and so forth.

    k bye. Have fun.
  4. CrackFox's Avatar
    Shame. Never forget us.
  5. Xita's Avatar
    Bye bye, I'll miss you.
  6. Gafigglethorp's Avatar
    Well, this will teach me to check the blog section more often. Farewell, Jolene. :<


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