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Mass Effect

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Many years ago I played through both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, and had the perfect endings, situations and characters ready for Mass Effect 3. Then my old 360 packed in and now I've lost all my save data for every game I had (this includes Skyrim, Fallout, Red Dead, etc - basically REALLY long games that I haven't much interest in repeating all over again) so now I finally own Mass Effect 3 I have to go back through and play the first two to get my desired outcomes again. I know the third game received a lot of stick and my choices probably won't matter, but I'd like to at least play it with the set up I had ready before.

I thought I would hate replaying it, but so far I'm enjoying it. Maybe because I hadn't touched the games in so long it's a little refreshing to play them over again. Though it's going to take some time before I even get around to touching the final one. I love Mass Effect 2 though, it has some great squadmates in it, and I just enjoy the whole idea of going and finding the best people for the suicide mission. So I'm looking forward to playing it after the first one. Plus the combat in Mass Effect feeling a little stiffer than what I remember of Mass Effect 2, so there's that to look forward to aswell.

Anyone else here played the ME games? Favourite moment or character in the first two? (Not including the third game because, as I said, I haven't played it, so please don't spoil it!)

Thane, Mordin and Samara are probably my favourites from what I can remember. Though Garrus was a decent one too.

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    I've played them! Several times over, actually. I don't think I have any specific favorite moments, although Kasumi's loyalty mission was probably my favorite mission in the entire trilogy, at least from what I've played (I don't have all the DLC for 2 and 3 yet).

    My favorite characters would have to be Wrex, Garrus, Tali, Legion, Zaeed, Kasumi, and the spoilerrific DLC party member in the third game who I will not say anything more about. :P
  2. Codface's Avatar
    Loved ME trilogy. Finished all three. Grunt was a favourite. I know others like wrex but grunt is more raw violence.

    I do think 3 had bug problems but My favourite was co-op online in me3 so can't mark it down. If you on 360 and want to play some online co-op mulitplayer maps gimme shout. Just can't beat playing a krogen vanguard and physically beating some geth to death or asari reave warp spamming.
    Updated 11th March 2014 at 01:09 PM by Codface
  3. TeddiUrsa's Avatar
    I am late to the party, but I am recently playing ME 2 for the very first time. I am playing a femshep and I am heavily flirting with Garrus right now. xD Love that guty ever since ME 1. I was a little disappointed that Miranda wasn't an option for femshep :/

    Are you playing a more renegade or paragon character?

    Btw, I feel for your data loss. My first wii did the same to me. Hurt hard, especially with brawl with I had 100% completed...
  4. Lorde's Avatar
    I've only played Mass Effect 2, my favourite character is Grunt.
    That is all.
  5. Yadon's Avatar
    @Karis; Oh, duh, how did I forget Legion! Zaeed was pretty fun too.
    @Codface; I think I prefer Wrex over Grunt myself, but only because Grunt's armour just looked a little odd to me. As a character they are both cool though. Once I've finished ME3 I might take you up on your offer!
    @TeddiUrsa; I try to play Paragon as much as I can because I'm a good guy I found that the Renegade path usually leads to more deaths/negative scenarios with the teammates which I didn't like as I didn't want to be hated by them :/ Although I accidently ran over a bunch of monkeys with the Mako yesterday and earnt a bunch of Renegade points which wasn't the best...


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