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Tales of a Shiny Hunter

An Update on the Shinies

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Hello, Bulbagarden! This is the second installment of a series that I tell you exactly how many shinies I have.

In all, I have caught 92 shinies. Two of those were traded away as they are duplicates.

You see, those 92 aren't of unique species. In fact, I have a surplus of shiny Poliwhirl and Red-Striped Basculin. I have seven each as of now. @_@ I only really need one of each.

If anyone has a spare shiny Dragalge or Shellder or another form of a Y exclusive as a shiny, I'll trade you one of my duplicates for one of those.

My latest shiny was a little brown Pancham. :3 He was caught at the Friend Safari and he was the one I was looking for. I had an Adamant Umbreon at the front of my party; I was hoping Pango would be Adamant, but Naive is what I got instead.

My Friend Code is 2535-3830-0199 and my Safari type is Steel with Magneton, Skarmory, and Klefki.

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  1. FireBlader15's Avatar
    Can I go into the bottom of your heart so I can take all that luck for myself?
  2. Neo Blaze's Avatar
    Wow, that's impressive! Congrats! I have 55 Shinies. All of different species... but I can't say caught them all myself.
  3. Kagerou's Avatar
    I have caught ninety-four now. XD I have added another Poliwhirl and reclaimed a shiny Lapras. :3

    @FireBlader15; I may seem very lucky, but I spend hours searching for shinies. Naturally, I'd have a lot.


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