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A Wizard is Never Late.

DAE remember the pokewalker?

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  1. Leggo's Avatar
    Time just goes by too fast.

    I really need to replace my PokeWalker's battery and take it with me when I'm walking around in college since I park far from my classes.
  2. Saturnidae's Avatar
    That wasn't............. that long ago XD
  3. Lyrebird's Avatar
    You call yourself old? I remember the exact location to someone's house that I went for a birthday party only once back in 1997.
  4. Water Max's Avatar
    I remember the Pokéwalker that I walked the maximum of 9,999,999 steps with. Since I reached the maximum number of steps with it I rarely use it now.
  5. Toph Beifong's Avatar
    only true 2010 kids remember the pokewalker


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