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Backstory first. So basically, during Gen 3 as a kid I lived in the Pokemon world, literally. The neighborhood was full of kids who were obsessed with Pokemon, from the nice guys across the street to the popular girl at the local school to the bully who would try to beat up the midget of the group until we'd save him and throw the thug over the fence and watch him get chewed out by his mom, and anyway we'd all always carry around Fire Red or Leaf Green ALL THE TIME along with that little wireless thingy whatchamacallit that looks like a little hat for the game boy. Literally every day all 3-8 of them, depending on extracurriculars and whatnot, would descend upon my abode and retreat to the battle room, where we had a huge sectional couch for mass battling.

I was always the champion of the group, with my ultimate team, almost every Pokemon in the game, and legitimate Mew for which I was greatly envied (and rightfully so, since I braved Toys R Us during rush hour in the days when event Pokemon had to be attached one at a time through a physical cord to your cartridge). Cue the tragedy--a few months after I got Mew at last, I found my cartridge to be gone. Considering in middle school currency my cartridge was gold, I was certain it had been stolen (wouldn't be the first or last time I had a game jacked), and for the next... god, like 7? years, I was mourning it daily, and searching through every drawer and pocket and case and box and etc... to no avail.

Cue last night, me in the basement, broke, out of space, and bored, cleaning out boxes full of old swag to sell on eBay for gas money. At the bottom of a box of random junk buried in the back, clacking around loose in the very corner, is that fucking Fire Red cart. I literally screamed, and I likely shed manly tears. My GBA SP has been fucked up for years, so I have no way to go through it right now and see my old mons and whatnot, but I'm working on getting another one for this purpose. I can't wait to see my old favorite team again after all these years, it was like being reunited with a long lost friend you thought had been kidnapped by Nazis (okay, it's hard to make an analogy for this, but you see my point).

And what timing! PokeBank is out! But help me here, now I'm a crazy old man and I'm way out of the loop with this fancy Pokemon transferring stuff. What is the process I need to take to get all my mons from Fire Red to X? I think I have a DS Lite still somewhere for the slot, but do I need to go from gen 3 to 4 to 5 or is there a more direct route? I have a game from every gen, fwiw. What's the fastest for mass transport?

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  1. Toa of Gallifrey's Avatar
    It's great that you found your beloved Fire Red cartridge after so long! If I remember correctly you don't need a GBA to transfer from gen 3 to 4, just a DS. To transfer to XY you have to go gen by gen, to get to 4 you have to use dual-slot mode on your DS and transfer the Pokemon to gen 4's Pal Park (I don't remember the exact process but I know you can only transfer 6 at a time), but to transfer from gen 4 to 5 you need two DSes for the Poke Transfer building. If you have two, use download play on one when inside the Poke Transfer building in another and then you do a sort of minigame to catch the Pokemon. If you fail to catch them, they'll be in the gen 4 game still. Then finally from generation 5 to 6 just download Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter for your 3DS, insert the gen 5 cartridge to the 3DS, then transfer box 1 of the gen 5 game to the Trasport Box, then insert the gen 6 cartridge and move the transport box to either a bank box or a PC box in the gen 6 game. All of these transfers are permanent, the Pokemon cannot be returned to previous generation games.
  2. GastlyGibus's Avatar
    Here's what you do (assuming this is Fire Red, and not just regular Red in which case you're royally f***ed.) Keep in mind, that up until PokeBank, Pokemon can only be transferred six at a time, so I hope you don't have a lot you want. xD

    First, you'll have to transfer your Pokemon from FireRed to either Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver. You'll need to have beaten one of the Generation IV games and received the National Dex in order to do this. Once you do, you'll have to go to a place called Pal Park (D/P/Pt has it on Route 221, HG/SS has it in Fuchsia City.) You'll need either an old fashioned Nintendo DS or a DS Lite. Go to Pal Park in any Gen IV game, have FireRed in the GBA slot, and it's a relatively simple process from there that's explained in game.

    Second, you now have to get the Pokemon from Gen IV to Gen V. In B/W/B2/W2, there's a place called the Poke' Transfer Lab on Route 15. Again, you'll need the National Dex before you can do anything. Now, you need TWO Nintendo DS systems (Any DS will do), one with your Gen IV game and one with Gen V. You establish a connection between the two, play an annoying mini-game, and then bam, you've got your Pokemon in Gen V now.

    Then, in comes PokeBank. Download both PokeBank and Pokemon Transporter from the eShop, and get your account all set up (You get a free month once you DL it, so don't worry.) Using Pokemon Transporter, take your Pokemon from Gen V (you transfer them one Box at a time, so you can transfer up to 30 Pokemon at a time if you want from Gen V) and put them in PokeBank. Then, take your Gen VI game, use PokeBank, and move them over to X or Y. Tada! Your Pokemon have now "traveled through time" into Gen 6. Have fun. =P
  3. Skittypaws's Avatar
    Unfortuanaltely, I checked and found out that you need gen 4, then gen 5 to use Pokebank. It really isn't fair, since I don't have black either. If you have a friend with gen 4, and another one with gen 5, that can work. If your in the americas though, you need to wait a little longer to transfer pokemon.
  4. Skittypaws's Avatar
    Unfortuanaltely, I checked and found out that you need gen 4, then gen 5 to use Pokebank. It really isn't fair, since I don't have black either. If you have a friend with gen 4, and another one with gen 5, that can work. If your in the americas though, you need to wait a little longer to transfer pokemon.
  5. Kimono Dragon's Avatar
    Nope there's no other way, Mr. Not-Team Flare Boss. You have to do Fire Red->Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/HGSS->BW/2->XY
  6. Asthaerignon's Avatar
    and watch him get chewed out by his mom
    Oh... oh no wait. That's a thing that people say. Sorry. Reading your fanfic just lead me to assume... never mind.


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