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BGM Replacement is still a problem with Pokemon.

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The preview episodes were just...amazing. That is what I call an English dub. Mostly accurate script, decent voice acting, and most of all, the original music. Now that it officially premiered, it degenerated from an English dub to a hack dub. This isn't what an english dub is suppose to be. It's suppose to be the process of replacing the original dialogue from its native language to those of different voice actors speaking another language. As long as the script is accurate and the performances are well done, everything else should be left alone: Footage, sound effects, and the most important of all, the musical score. Replacing every aspect of this defeats the purpose of what an english dub should be, especially the music.

Some of you might not care about the music, but I personally do. I get the reputation of hating the dub music. Yes, I did say that a few times in the past, but I've learned my mistake. I'm just not a fan of it, because not only is the music using low quality instruments from a synthesizer, it changes the mood completely than what was originally intended from the japanese version (Not to mention that it never shuts up in scenes that originally did not have music.) It's just...not how you re-score a show. If there is one anime that got re-scoring the correct way, it is Zatch Bell (Which also has a dub with both original and dub music). While the dub music in that show doesn't hold the candle to Kow Otani's original score, it surprisingly does its job the right way. Some of the instruments sound acoustic and the compositions themselves kinda remind me of Kow Otani's style of music (albeit without the strings and brass). And as a plus, the dub has moments without music the same way as the original. You know, I think TPCi should learn a thing or two from Zatch Bell's dub music.

Saving the best for last (if you put it that way), Here is the main reason why I think the music should not be replaced at all. This is 2014. Replacement BGM's in anime and even some of the ones that are toyetic, have been fading rapidly to the point of obscurity this last decade. Now that it's 2014, it's practically non-existent to my ears. From now on, I'm sticking with the japanese version. I lost faith in TPCi long before this debuted.

End of rant.

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  1. Johtohfiller's Avatar
    What's really sad that TPCi's acting seems to have improved, which would give me more interest in the dub...if they didn't go and kill the music. And seriously, why do they even bother writing new music when the volume's so low you can barely hear it anyway?
  2. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
    I never really pay attention much to the music in the anime, though whenever an anime dub replaces the musical scores, a lot of the time they don't match up to the originals and end up sounding much more cartoony. Also the fact that there is almost not a single moment of silence in the dub falls under "lull destruction" in which it just doesn't want a moment to breathe

    I also don't like the English dub of the anime, though in my case it's less of the music and more of the voice acting that bothers me, since I find a lot of the characters to sound identical to each other, like there's only 5-6 voice actors for the entire show (it was really bad in the BW seasons).


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