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Growlithe Hunt Day 5

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So, I've been in the Friend Safari, hunting for a shiny Growlithe. it's been 5 days and counting and I have yet to find my target. Unlike my Shiny Ninetales hunt, I haven't ran into any other shinies while looking. I did find a shiny Charmeleon but that was a while before i decided to even hunt Growlithe. Also, there isn't any plague shinies (like Shiny larvesta) either.

To be honest, it's kind of discouraging. .___.; I just feel like I'm not gonna find this shiny. I want to hurry and find it so I can finish training some Pokemon and breeding some offspring (the pokemon in-training are Bank Mons).

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  1. Mayfly's Avatar
    I feel the exact same way about my dumb Quilladin. -_- I very much regret evolving my original one into a Chesnaught.
  2. Herbizarre's Avatar
    And here I thought trying to get a shiny Hawlucha via breeding was discouraging... 565 eggs hatched (or 113 batches of 5 eggs) and still no black wrestling bird. Good luck on your side !


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