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Play Coins

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Play Coins.

Why does everyone think it's a stupid idea? I really think it was smart or whatever. It motivates me to walk to earn the Play Coins each day so I can do various stuff like help complete my Puzzle Swap Panels, or hire customers in Pokemon Rumble Blast.

I don't get it. Can someone tell me why Play Coins are stupid?

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  1. Water Max's Avatar
    I don't think they are stupid but I think there should be more obtainable Play Coins each day or month. The maximum number that you can get per day is 10 and the maximum number you can hold at one point is 300. I've reached both of those limits so many times. I think some people think they are stupid because you have to walk to get them and they don't like walking. Walking for long periods of time is one of my favourite activities and I have carried my 3DS for over 5,000,000 steps so far.
  2. The Outrage's Avatar
    It's stupid because it only limits you to 10 play coins a day. Motivating you to walk? It's only a thousand steps. Raise the cap please.
  3. Jolene's Avatar
    It's not stupid. People are just too lazy to get off their asses and walk. 10 a day cap isn't a problem either. It's not like you are using them everyday. Just let them pile up.

    People complain about the stupidest shit.
  4. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    I think the cap gives you paitience and I think it's fair just wish it was used more.


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