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Miley Cyrus should be TIME's Person of the Year

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If you check out the polls for Person of the Year, you'll notice that Miley Cyrus is in first place. For some reason, a lot of people are accusing this of being rigged, perhaps a votebot hacked in for someone's bizarre amusement. However, I disagree. Cyrus is truly an interesting and changing person that deserves the reward I being Person of the Year and here's why.
1) She is an inspiration to young girls
After her Disney show ended, Cyrus was pretty much off the radar. Considered a has-been teen idol who was all worn out. That's when she decided to show then wrong. At the now-famous VMAs she put on a unique and memorable show right in front of those critics. She showed them anyone can be whoever they want. In this, she also became a role model for girls growing up. She showed them they can accomplish anything by putting what they have to work, despite what others say. You don't need anyone's approval to follow your dream.
Furthermore, she has shown to help younger ones already. She's stated that she has acted as a kind of mentor to Justin Bieber, showing him what's right and wrong in the life of fame, and how to handle the pressures of it properly by making good decisions. Truly a great role model to look up to.

2) She is strong and independent symbol of feminism
When Cyrus went on that stage and performed a show that would be remembered for months on end, she made a statement. She said that she can go up there and steal the show. She can show the patriarchy that women are equals that can entertain just as great as men can, if not better. Don't believe me? Just look at her latest music video. Cyrus pushed the boundaries of music and music videos in ways no one would had ever expected. The proof is obvious. Millions of views, dozens of fan-made video tributes, tons of sales, and domination of news outlets. Cyrus alone shows that women achieve greatness in a male-dominated society that only wants to over-sexualize women for their barbaric needs.

3) She outshines the other competitors
Why is there even a poll for Person of the Year when the answer is obvious. The award should go to Cyrus. I doubt the average person has even heard of half the competitors. Just look at second place: Edward Snowden. All he did was leak some documents and make a bunch of people angry at the government for recording what adult sites they go to. What did Cyrus do? Everything I've said earlier. How many of the others can say they've done anything as great as Cyrus? That's right. None.

With these, I hope you can see for yourself who the true winner of the Person of the Year award is. I encourage you to go to the poll and vote yourself. #MileyCyrus#PersonoftheYear

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Updated 31st December 2013 at 01:05 AM by L.L.

What did I just write?


  1. FullMetal's Avatar
    I really hope this is a joke.
  2. White Yoshi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by FullMetal
    I really hope this is a joke.
    It is in the sarcasm category, so likely.
  3. Towspoki's Avatar
    Either this looked at a different angle, or plain sarcastic.
  4. GastlyGibus's Avatar
    The sarcasm is strong with this one...
  5. Helioptile's Avatar
    You came in like a satiiiiiiiiiire...
  6. HumanDawn's Avatar
    You actually convinced me for a second there.
  7. LilyStorm's Avatar


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