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Don't buy Wii Sports Club!

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A summary of my last blog post and my communications with Nintendo:

Wii Sports Club was released worldwide, I was looking forward to purchasing the sports for it and playing with friends online and competing over matchmaking.
My Miiverse ban which lifts this upcoming Thursday prevents me from messaging friends to ask for a game so I jumped straight into matchmaking instead, this is where I found the matchmaking is terribly programmed.
Instead of searching for nearest matches, it just searches for a random person with the same region code, this has caused many connection issues with PAL gamers where matches between Oceana and Europe are common along along with matches between two countries on opposite sides of Europe. NTSC players are experiencing issues too as I discovered from reading Miiverse posts, because matchmaking finds matches between Wisconsin and the bottom of South America for example.

I contacted both customer support from America and UK asking about a hotfix, CS UK said they don't know anything about a hotfix and recommended phoning CS Australia, CS America just told me to go away and phone CS Australia. I replied to both of them asking for an alternative as I'm hearing impaired, CS America hasn't responded and CS UK forwarded my emails to the NZ Warranty Department.

NZ WD had this to say:
To answer your question via email (hopefully this can provide enough of a response for you) you will be unable to compete against others players from the Americas due to the different regions of Australia/New Zealand (NTSC compared to PAL). Even with friends codes you cannot compete against friends / family in the Wisconsin Club/ the Americas.
WHAT THE HELL?! (excuse my language) I can't even play with all but 2 people in my friends list?! Those two hardly even come online let alone reply to my messages!
It was ridiculous enough that Mario Kart 7 didn't allow cross region local play but at least it had cross region online! (Fingers crossed Pokemon X supports cross region local play for when I move to the US and then Japan)

Outside of Bulbagarden forums, all the people I keep in regular contact with are in North America and Brazil, so to me it's like Nintendo is promising features, taking my money, and not delivering the features.

In a nutshell, If you want Wii Sports, go onto Ebay and buy an original Wii Sports disc, it has training modes which were removed in the Club version, doesn't have a completely useless online feature, and will only cost like 1/10 the price.

This also leaves me with a question: Should I sell my PAL Wii U and import an NTSC one?

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  1. Gaga's Avatar
    I would be lying if I said I wasn't curious about why you were temp banned :P
  2. Snugglefox's Avatar
    I would be lying if I said I wasn't also curious :P
    I made a thread about it here

    Update: I asked if future titles would have the same issue and if Wii U chat also has the same issue since I want to buy my fiancés a Wii U and chat with them. I also taunted them with the idea that I might sell my console and *gasp* import one.
    Their response:
    I cannot confirm if this will be the same for future titles, however I believe they will have the region specific limitations to them as current options.

    The Wii U Chat function is also specific to the region (person) you are attempting to contact. If you have a console for the AUS/NZ region you will not be able to connect to family / friends in the US
    I replied with:
    I did read today that Monster Hunter 3 had the same issue when it first came out on the Wii U as well, but they released an update to solve the issue. Do you think it is likely they will fix the problem with Wii Sports Club and Wii U chat?​

    Otherwise if I’m understanding correctly Nintendo is trying to advertise for family fun but their approach is that of “Screw you and your family”?
    Unfortunately because as a New Zealander with poor hearing and a strained voice, all I have to communicate with is warranty department so my feedback wont fix anything.
    However I might consider taking legal action as Nintendo promotes that you can communicate and play with friends and family even if they are far away, they did not indicate far away meant the other side of the world.

    Feel free to voice your feelings on the issue to your local customer service if you'd like. Nintendo has been indicating lately they are open to feedback.

    The most ironic thing about this, is that I have less difficulty when listening to Americans than the people in my region.
    Updated 12th November 2013 at 12:22 AM by Snugglefox
  3. Snugglefox's Avatar
    Update: They've sent this
    I have not heard of any fix for Wii Sports Club or Wii U Chat. Please also note this is not a fault with Wii Sports Club or Wii U Chat.

    For any updates on this please keep an eye on our website Nintendo - Welcome to -
    I responded:
    So it was Nintendo’s intention to fail to deliver?
    Maybe I should bring up the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, it wouldn't do any good for changing Nintendo's anti globalism stance, but I should be able to use the act to get a full refund for my Wii U and may be able to bring the issue to Nintendo's attention.


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