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I love Delphox, but...

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Some people may disagree with me but, Emboar was a way better fire-type starter Pokemon than Delphox, at least it could actually "fight" against most of the Pokemon it's weak to.

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  1. Gaga's Avatar
    Delphox is much better than Emboar, competitively. Emboar is overshadowed and ineffective as a Fighting type. Delphox is unique and does its job well. It also has Magician, which can shut down entire strategies.

    Also, it's a mage fox :3c Muuuch better than another Fire/Fighting
  2. Charles Dunois's Avatar
    How so? Delphox has access to Solarbeam and Grass Knot, as well as a ton of Psychic-type moves that most Water-types don't resist.
  3. 8ther's Avatar
    I'm referring to Dark types, Delphox pretty much useless to any Dark-type that isn't weak to Fire or Grass.
    @FairyGaga; @Charles Dunois;
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    Also Emboar is cuter.
  5. Charles Dunois's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 8ther
    I'm referring to Dark types, Delphox pretty much useless to any Dark-type that isn't weak to Fire or Grass.
    @FairyGaga; @Charles Dunois;
    Of course, that's to be expected of a Psychic-type.
  6. 8ther's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Contrary
    Also Emboar is cuter.
    I know right? Just look at his face in this picture, i wanna pinch his cheeks =^.^=

  7. 8ther's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Dunois
    Of course, that's to be expected of a Psychic-type.
    Most Psychic-types can learn Focus Blast or Signal Beam, Delphox can't learn any Bug or Fairy type moves and the only Fighting type move that Delphox can learn is Power up Punch with isn't a good option for a Pokemon who exceeds at special attacking.
  8. metempsychosis's Avatar
    i think it's difficult to compare the two. it's quite evident that emboar has far superior coverage, but i'm not sure exactly what you're thinking when you say it can combat the things it's weak to. in principle, yes; it gets wild charge, head charge, and a fairly wide array of other moves to choose from, including scald (!) that are super-effective against the types it's weak to, but i think in practice you're going to be a lot more hard-pressed to hit those types than you would think. emboar has fairly low speed (65) and most of the things that are going to be on the opponent's team to deal with it are either going to be capable of taking its hits or of outspeeding and killing it in one hit. i think what delphox lacks in coverage, it compensates for with raw speed. 104 base speed allows it to outpace everything below garchomp (whom it is capable of ohkoing with hp ice even with the hidden power nerf).

    also, don't forget that most dark-types won't appreciate taking a neutral fire hit from 114 base satk. although grass/fire/psychic coverage is by no means good (you're combining two of the worst offensive types in the game with a decent stab which doesn't complement them very well), it doesn't net horrible coverage: unfortunately delphox is hindered by the lack of a very strong psychic stab [future sight doesn't count], but fire/grass/psychic is only resisted by eleven pokemon and only four, maybe five, of those will be common in ou (victini, hydreigon, latios, latias, heatran). oh and i guess maybe delphox walls itself lol. don't forget that delphox has a few tricks up its sleeve (literally) to use: hypnosis has questionable reliability but incapacitates a pokemon for several turns, and scarf switcheroo can ruin cm lati@s' day and messes with things like heatran, chansey, etc.

    i think the extra speed distinguishes delphox from emboar whom, i would agree, unquestionably perform the fox's role better if it were not for the 40 speed delphox has on it. delphox imo does special better than emboar, but obviously emboar has a physical presence and so i think that is where its niche lies. delphox is the better cleaner but emboar is the better breaker. ultimately, i think they're too difficult to confidently compare since they both have fairly specialized and discrete roles from one another.
  9. The Outrage's Avatar
    I like Delphox because I don't need to teach it Thief to get heart scales :3
  10. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar
    I haven't used delphox yet but I hate being slow and I hate being one shoted. So Emboar you disapoint me
  11. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    I think both are awful.


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