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Hey nerds

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edit: Just gonna check a few things, read some threads, finish this story, and maybe watch Coven before I go to bed. See you all in the morning!

Important blog section stuff ahead. But first, I'll tell you some things which you'll have to read because I attached it to this info. (Unless you just skim or something.)

I want a catchphrase. Something that could naturally be inserted into a conversation without seeming weird, but still recognizable. Think "You've got that wrong" from the show about the ugly people solving murders in a school because a bear told them to. Help me think of one.

Okay, new blog thing. So you should all be aware of a little glitch in our midst. Unfortunately, I can't be around all night and day to check off posts. (My body requires sleep, and I science has yet to invent perfect robot bodies that don't need sleep. Dang scientists.) So, I'll give you guys a head's up when I go to bed, and maybe when I get on. If I haven't approved any comments on your blog, or approved any of your own comments within the hour I'm awake, please VM or PM me with the link so I can check them off.

Also, be sure to message every other mod and tell them how great I am. Make them jealous of me.

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  1. Garren's Avatar
    "Oh, on the contrary..."
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Garren
    "Oh, on the contrary..."
    Oh my God.

    I don't think anything can top that. Thank you!


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