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Pokemon X Photography!

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Is it just me who likes catching my player off guard when taking photos?

I love the fact the dialogue from the NPCs in the house in the background doesn't change after the event - every other house tips over, they survive and have a massive hole outside and everyone else goes on with their business as usual.

I wish we could take photos with our own Pokemon, or indeed anywhere in the game instead of the specific photo points, though this is one of my favourites of the shots you can take.

Turning the 3DS so that he's totally out of shot is great as well.

I put up a gallery of all the shots I've taken while playing X so far here.

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  1. Winterdaze's Avatar
    Those are some nice pictures. I love turning the camera to the night sky and taking photos of the stars outside of Frost Cavern, it's utterly beautiful, especially on a day with diamond dust.

    It's too bad you can't take photos of Pokemon, but then there's always the PR videos...

  2. Kutomba's Avatar
    Nice pictures! I really like this feature, but I wish you could take pictures anywhere too.


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