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The effect of Gizoogle on a bandwagon blog

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So, for the lulz, I decided to Gizoogle this blog. The results are as follows:

1 Okay, letz start wit tha basics muthafucka! Name?

2 Birthdizzle n' age at time of bustin dis survey?
2/28. I be 16.

3 Eye colour?

4 Afro colour?

5 Describe yo ass up in 8 lyrics or less!
A straight-up bugged out pervert whoz kinda trustworthy, though.

6 Do you gotz a funky-ass boyfriend/girlriend all up in tha moment?
I wish.

7 If not, do you gotz a cold-ass lil crush on one of mah thugs?
Th-thatz classified hommie! Yes yes y'all.

8 Looks or personality?
Personality, though looks is a sick bonus.

9 Money or Love?

10 Rich or skanky?
Dependz on which parent I be stayin with.
11 Smart or dumb?

12 Loud or on tha fuckin' down-low?
Dependz on tha day.

13 Romantic or spontaneous?
Romantic, I s'ppose.

14 Cute or hot?
Therez a gangbangin' finger-lickin' difference?

15 What age do you wanna git hooked up at?
Dum diddy-dum, here I come biaaatch! Who tha fuck cares, as long as it happens?

16 Do you like manga/anime?
Hell yeah.

17 Whatz yo' favourite... Book?
I can't deal wit dat shit.

18 TV show?
Transformers Prime. *sniffle*

19 Film?

20 Computer game?
Minecraft, I guess.

21 Tea, bangin' chocolate or coffee?
Hot chocolate.

22 Dark, gin n juice or white chocolate?

23 Pepsi or Coke?

24 Orange or apple?

25 Chrizzle or Halloween?

26 McDonaldz or Burger Mackdaddy?

27 Japan or Australia?

28 Dawg or cat?
Cat, wot~

29 Hug or kiss?
Either way.

30 Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate biaatch!

31 Summer or Winter?

32 Name 10 of yo' playas...
Emmet, Rob, Joy, Sarah, Prashant, Jessica, Anthony, Will, Rylee, Television. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch.

33 How tha fuck nuff could you trust wit yo' game?
I dunno.

34 If tha straight-up original gangsta one you listed holla'd at you they was pregnant, what tha fuck would you do?
I would panic like fuck.

35 If tha second one was ta go up wit tha fifth one, what tha fuck would you do?
I would just shrug.

36 If tha eighth one was ta fuck tha tenth one, what tha fuck would you do?
I would laugh.

37 Describe tha straight-up original gangsta playa listed up in 10 lyrics or less.
Dude likes tha color blue all muthafuckin day.

38 And tha second one biaatch!
Dat punk a pimpin' def dude.

39 And tha third one biaatch!
She's... Kinda phat.

40 What do tha 12th message up in yo' inbox say?
Which one, biatch?

41 Do you have a eBizzle account?

42 Do you smoke?

43 Do you drink?
Milk n' Gatorade.

44 Whatz yo' most straight-up bangin cold lil' woo wop all up in tha moment?
Arrival ta Earth Breakin tha Habit.

45 Do you have any tattoos, biatch? And if not, do you want any?

46 Do you be thinkin you smart?
I be thinkin I be mah dirty ass. Dum diddy-dum, here I come biaaatch! Who tha fuck cares what tha fuck anybody knows?

47 Would you rather go Zorbin or bungee jumping?

48 If you could have any super-power, what tha fuck would it be?

49 Do you know what tha fuck Mackdaddydom Hearts is?
Not straight-up.

50 Wherez tha furthest you've been from home?

51 If tha ghetto was gonna blow up n' tha only way ta save dat shiznit was ta bust a cap up in yo ass, would you do it?
Dependz on how tha fuck I be feeling.

52 Has you done eva hit up a Starbucks?

53 Whatz yo' most straight-up bangin girlz name?

54 And... thugs name?

55 Whatz yo' most straight-up bangin animal?
Er... I dunno.

56 How tha fuck long have you had Bebo for?

57 What school do you go to, biatch? If you've left, where do you work?
A high school over there, so peek-a-boo, clear tha way, I be comin' thru fo'sho. --->

58 Whatz tha dopest way ta annoy one of mah thugs up in a lift?
Yo ass tell mah dirty ass.

59 Has you done eva purposely made one of mah thugs jealous?
Hell yes.

60 What model is yo' phone?
iPhizzy 3.

61 What type of doggy den do you live in?
Either a 1-story doggy den on a cold-ass lil cul-de-sac, or a 2-story duplex.

62 Do you like Family Guy?

63 Has you done eva fucked up one of mah thugss heart?

64 Has you done eva had yo' own ass broken?

65 What would be yo' ideal date?
Any phat date would be pimped out, mate.

66 Is you a gangbangin' fast typer?
I be a gangbangin' fast typer, wot~

67 Do you type wit double or single spaces?
Double. Double.
68 Dum diddy-dum, here I come biaaatch! Who tha fuck do you give da most thugged-out Luv ta on Bebo?
Uh... What, biatch?

69 Do you own a iPood?

70 Has you done eva been ta Deez'nutsland?
I think...?

71 Tony Blair or Gordon Brown?
Gordon Freeman. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch.

72 Do you have any weird habits or quirks?

73 Black or white?

74 Gold or silver?

75 Blue or pink?

76 Red or orange?
Red, wot.

77 Chronic or purple?

78 Do you have braces?

79 Do you have glasses?

80 If you was a Final Fantasy character, whoz ass would you be?
Hell if I know.

81 Favourite ice-cream flavour?
Chocolate wit chocolate shiznit up in dat shit. Da mo' chocolate, tha better.

82 Do you like yo' muthafathas?

83 Is you a neat freak?

84 Dum diddy-dum, here I come biaaatch! Who tha fuck is yo' other half on Bebo?
I give up.

85 Do you have Sky TV?

86 Do you like tha way you look?
Not at all.

87 Do you own Mario Kart?
DS n' Wii~

88 Whoz better, Mario, Luigi, Peach or Toad?

89 Do you like football, biatch? If so, what tha fuck crew do you support?

90 Do you gotz a Facebizzle account?

91 Whatz yo' most straight-up bangin holiday, biatch? (e.g. Chrizzle, Halloween...)
Peter Cullenz birthday. It make me wanna hollar playa! Yo, thatz todizzle~

92 When was yo' first eva lick (and what tha fuck happened)?

93 Has you done eva prank called one of mah thugs?

94 Avril Lavigne or Pink?

95 Jizzo Mraz or Jordan Jansen?

96 Fall Out Boy or Panic! At tha Disco?

97 Well, thatz tha end of tha (amazingly long) survey dawwwwg! Any hyped last lyrics?
Tell mah tale ta dem playas whoz ass ask. Tell it truly, tha ill deedz along wit tha good, n' let me be judged accordingly. Da rest... is silence.

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  1. Konstantinos's Avatar
    Gizoogle does wonders!

    Now, what happens if I Gizoogle this page???
  2. Lester Nygaard's Avatar
    Love it. I'd say the same damn things bitch.


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