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Most Interesting Saturday of my Life (be prepared for a lot of reading)

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So today was very eventful, and many things other than getting Pokemon X happened. So I'm going to start this from when I woke up:

I woke up earlier than usual and went downstairs, having a normal breakfast and getting ready and all that stuff. Then my mom, dog, and I headed down to Southlands (it's basically an outdoor mall). Mom was going to drop me off at Bestbuy to get Pokemon X while she went to Petco, but we got there at 9:40 and the store doesn't open until 10:00. So we both went to Petco to let our dog go to this "puppy gathering" or whatever the heck you call it. It's just a bunch of puppies in one room playing with each other until they pass out. So I stayed there for a while until it was a little past 10:00, and she let me walk to Bestbuy (since the two stores are pretty close to each other) to get the game while she watched the dog.

Did I ever mention that it was cold, ridiculously windy, and I was wearing a shirt with extremely short sleeves? Well my arms felt very frozen for the whole walk, but I eventually made it inside the store. So I go into the back corner, which is where they keep all the games, and I search for Pokemon X, but I can't find it at all. I decide to go to the front and ask if they have it, but right before I took two steps an employee with a cart full of both versions came by me. He asked me if I needed help and I told him I was looking for a game. Then he immediately asked if I was looking for Pokemon, then I asked him how he knew. Then he said, "I work for Nintendo, so I know Pokemon is going to be a HUGE deal today" (or it was on the lines of those words). Then he asked which version I wanted and I told him X, then just a few seconds later another girl behind me got Y version. Then I went up to the front, bought the game, and walked back to Petco.

So after our dog was all tired out from playing, we went home and I immediately started playing. I named my character "Mona Lisa" since I wanted a somewhat artistic version of my name, and since my name is Lisa, why not name my character after the famous painting "Mona Lisa"? Then I fangirled for a few minutes just walking around as my character, and I eventually moved on with the game and picked Fennekin as my starter, and I nicknamed it "Arin". What surprised me is that my sister actually watched me play most of the game so far, which has never happened because with White and Black 2 she just gets up and leaves after the first 10 minutes. I then made a pledge to catch every single Pokemon I haven't caught before, since in Black 2 my Pokedex was so empty because I kept ignoring the really crappy Pokemon and never catching them. I've already found some Pokemon which I'm considering should be in my final team. I'm definitely keeping Fennekin and the Bulbasaur (nicknamed Danny, so that the two of them make Arin and Danny from Game Grumps) that I've recently gotten, and I'm keeping the Fletchling (nicknamed "Songbird") and possibly my Pikachu (nickamed SparkleSqueak, but I had to spell it as "SprkleSqueak"). I also really want to keep the Flabebe with the yellow flower I caught (named "Ami"), and even though she's surprisingly a great fighter now, I don't know if she'll get any better. And I also found I have an obsession with buying clothes in that game.

Then I eventually had to stop playing so that we could go to this October-fest-ish thing, but we left after about an hour since the wind was freezing us. Then I went back home, played more Pokemon, and then when it was about 7:00 we went out to get to-go food from Chipotle (or however you spell it). So once we had gotten our food, we were about to drive home. So we got in, drove out of the parking lot, turned a corner, and before we knew it we got hit by another car. Now this is my first car accident I've ever had, and I actually expected my first accident to be a lot worse (since I grew up with "horror" stories about my Mom's first car accident as a teenager that put her in a coma). No one was seriously hurt, thankfully. But the ambulance came because the guy who ran into us had an older woman in the passenger seat who went unconscious due to some Whiplash.

Now our car had a flat tire and a door that could barely work now, but we still managed to drive it a short distance back into a parking lot and leave it there for the tow-truck to pick up. But now that we couldn't drive, we had to find another way home. We tried calling a taxi service, but it turns out taxi services are highly unreliable in Aurora at night. So we went back into Chipotle, ate our food there, and came up with the decision that Dad (who was the only who brought a jacket) had to walk 3 miles home in order to get our other car to pick up the three of us. It was our only option, so we had to do it. But while we waited, we went into a store and looked around.

We looked in the Halloween section, made fun of the cheap and ridiculously slutty costumes, put on some cool-looking Halloween masks, felt ashamed by the "modernized" version of the disney Cinderella (I can't find a picture of it, but she looks pretty bad in my opinion), and we made some Batman jokes. Then my sister and I found the book/magazine section, and started making a bunch of dirty jokes using the Halloween themed Mad-Libs. After we had gotten bored with that, you know what we found?

We found Archie comics. When I say Archie, I mean the Sonic Archie comics, the one with all the "furry drama" as I call it. Being Sonic fans (only by the games and Sonic X), we decided to read it and of course parodize it because of all the "furry drama". So we made jokes about Sonic being Master Chief in that one E3 Halo trailer, jokes about Silver dealing with an extremely senile guy, jokes about this rabbit robot who got a sex change and Tails being haunted by his horrible past while he's being outcasted by the sex changed rabbit-bot and her boyfriend, and finally jokes about the sex change rabbit-bot singing Simple Plan out of Emo-ness.

Finally, Dad came back with the car and we finally made it home, which then leads to me writing this blog. So as a summary: I got Pokemon X, played for hours, went to a fest and then straight back home, played for a while longer, went out to get food, got into my first car accident, and parodized everything we saw in a store. Today was an interesting day...

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  1. Shadow The Shiny Umbreon's Avatar
    Wow. All that in one day? I am surprised. I am glad no-one got hurt in the accident. Hope you have a good Sunday (you will with new pokemon :D)
  2. YaelleG's Avatar
    How are you liking the game now? Its great, isn't it?? I've actually been writing down kind of lke a cross between a walkthrough and a journal as I play.
  3. SquishyFace's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by YaelleG
    How are you liking the game now? Its great, isn't it?? I've actually been writing down kind of lke a cross between a walkthrough and a journal as I play.
    The game is AWESOME! I just got the power restored to Lumiose City and I've been exploring so much!

    But when I walked into that one building and the lights started flickering, I was like "Aw crap does the power still go out?". Then a girl appeared behind me and the music went silent. I just stared with my mouth slightly open, and she extremely slowly walked past me. Then she said, "You are not the one" and disappeared... I then proceeded to run around the building muttering "What the fuck"


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