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The Fighting Misty

Ash is only mature when he has the female protagonist of the games with him

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Anyone else notice this?

With Misty and Iris, Ash is the rookie of the group, his battle skills are lackluster, he tends to have weak or underdeveloped pokemon teams, and he does poorly in battles and is made fun of in the group. Of course with Misty this actually made sense, as Ash WAS a rookie back in Kanto so you understood why they were doing it.

With May, Dawn and now Serena....Ash seems mature and competent, he is shown to be a skilled trainer, his Pokemon teams are mostly evolved and tough looking, and Ash accomplishes more and gets further to his goal. He also acts as a mentor of sorts to the female he travels with.

Of course this is just speculation for XY as it hasn't aired yet, but judging from previews Ash looks like he's going back to being mature and I'm sure his Pokemon team will reflect that. I just wonder why the writers even bothered making him a rookie again in Best Wishes only to bring him back up to his DP self one generation later.

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  1. SquishyFace's Avatar
    That's because those girls, unlike Misty and Iris, know how to whip that boy into shape!
  2. John Understands's Avatar
    What a coincidence! That's half-weird though.

    And just watch as Ash is dumber than your local youngster during X and Y
  3. swiftgallade46's Avatar
    Ash had his major derp moments in Battle Frontier. *cough cough Duh, I think I'll use Seismic Toss on a Dusclops! cough cough* but I do think he is smarter around Dawn, May, and possibly Serena. It would make sense with Serena, because she apparently knew him as a child. I think Iris just belittled him so much, that he seemed to be less experienced than her, but really she ends up accomplishing...well nothing...(unless you count a free Dragonite as an accomplishment) while he actually comes back to Kanto with a decent League placement and 9 new Pokemon to boot. Was he reset back to being a total newb in gen 5? UGHH YES! But did he show progression? I think he did, and a lot more than people give him credit for. sorry for the long post... ^-^;
  4. L.L.'s Avatar
    Conspiracy alert!

    And he only looks mature in X Y because the animators finally decided to give him teeth.
  5. pokemon fan 132's Avatar
    Is it just conicidence that almost everyone in here forgets how Misty wasn't beginner, but instead of regressing back Ash actually matured as character becoming more responsible and skilled as trainer in Orange Islands and Johto?
    Maybe not to same degree like it was case with DP(since his growth didn't reach that level yet)but compared to Kanto days he without doubt improved.

    If anyone actually believes how presence of inexperienced, beginner protagonist female is neeeded to have Ash portrayed in more "competent light" needing someone to be below him in skills and knowledge, he couldn't be further from truth.

    Because how much Ash will grow in certain saga and whether he will retain his knowledge is not dependant on companions which surround him, but on writing style and purpose of story.
    Reason why Ash didn't regressed in Hoenn and DP wasn't because May and Dawn were beginners. But because those sagas had better writing, more attention to continuity and consistent growth staying faithful to amount of skill Ash attained prior to that. Something BW all but lacked.

    Brock was experienced character but his presence never hindered Ash growth, which is something its conveniently ignored in here..
    If anything his presence only helped to add to Ash creibility and strength of trainer thx to familiar face and long time friendship sharing history together, reminding audience of all past achievements he made and experiences making things more frelevant.
    Updated 1st October 2013 at 02:01 AM by pokemon fan 132
  6. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
    I guess the difference is if Ash has a female trainer who is a beginning and a novice, the writers have to make Ash experienced in comparison.
  7. Kalos Queen Serena's Avatar
    It's sad really lol. It is more enjoyable when the female protagonists are the rookies and Ash acts more experienced though. BW really started off bad imo because of how the roles seemed reverse, and also Iris being the new main girl instead of Hilda LOL.


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