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A message to you all

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Greetings, BMGf. Today I'd like to bring us together for a very special occasion.

I'd like everyone to give Mollycule a happy birthday today. If you don't know who she is, either you're living under a rock, dead, or you had a couple too many beers last night. :P She's a (now) 14? year old Welsh girl who's had her share of troubles in the past. She's funny, caring, lovely, CUTE, and you never get tired of talking to her. She's also a moderator for the Outside the Box section on this very forum.

Now, I've had many friends on this forum. Some close, some not, some old, some new, some traitors, some lovers, and all of the above. But the ONE PERSON that has been through it all with me? You guessed it. I first met Moll in the RM thread sometime in August 2011. We talked for a bit, and she left the forums, causing a loss in contact between her and I and also our other friends. I remember spamming her fanclub with topics of "Come Back, Moll!" and "We Miss You!" Welp, they worked. xD Through early 2012, we both had some struggles with a certain person I shall not name, on another forum, but we helped each other push through the problems, together. Molly helped me through my depression back in mid-2012/early 2013. She saved my fucking life. Haha, I'll admit we even had small crushes on each other sometime around last October. ^^;;; Anyway, if you ever see her talking bad about herself, please, tell her it's not true and she knows it. Only she can change how she feels about herself, but everything we say can still help.

Moll, I'm going to speak directly to you now, and I'll be honest. I want to say one thing, and that's thank you. Thank you for everything you've done for me in the short two years we've known each other. There are things that come up in my life that I can only talk to you about, and that's why I consider you a better friend than most of my friends IRL. Oh, and you're everything you say you aren't. Smart, funny, beautiful, interesting, I could go on and on.
People say that the people you meet on the internet are a shadow of the people that they really are. You've proved them all wrong, for me, at least.

Happy birthday, Moll! I love ya, and here's to many more! *raises glass*

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  1. RainbowSkittles's Avatar
    I heavily agree with you on most of that

    I will always keep an eye out for her that you have my word on
  2. Karamazov's Avatar
  3. Marcie's Avatar
    i'm not crying i'm not crying
    dj you didn't make me cry no no way

    i CAN'T I LITERALLY CAN'T UM--- okay this has to be the sweetest thing ever okay. i am literally sat here sniffing and like, bright red because oh my god that was just so sweet i'm gonna fucking bawl my eyes out ;w;

    okay, okay, this has actually really made my day so i'm gonna try and stop acting dumb now haha!! dj you are literally the greatest person ever, you know that, right?? thank you so much for everything and this and just thank you thank you thank you

    i literally don't know what to say ;; i love ya too dj, thanks for being there ;w; just ;w; thank you ;w; *hug*
  4. Amazing Amy's Avatar
    I agree with all of that.


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