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Prepping for Generation VI

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With 2 weeks left until October 12, I decided I would post a list of what I am doing to prepare for the big day to share with you all. Here we go:

-I began counting down starting on Day 96 (so close to 100!). Every day I have my 3DS on me and I change my Mii's Mii Plaza greeting to reflect how many days are left (i.e. "75 days to X & Y", "1 month to X & Y"). My coworkers who are getting X/Y ask me almost every day how much longer (if I don't tell them first). I take great pleasure in knowing exactly how long until Gen. VI debuts.

-I usually end up working weekends (Thursdays and Fridays are my usual days off). When I found out exactly when X & Y would be coming in, I put in a request to have that weekend off. Today, I found out I got off both Friday and Saturday (October 11 & 12) and I'll probably get October 13 (and maybe 14) off as well. I won't have to worry about work for 2 (or 3) days and I can (and will) spend all of my time playing.

-As soon as I found out the release date, I placed a pre-order for X. I will be showing up at Best Buy at 10 A.M. on October 12 to pick up my copy. And I will spend all day playing it too.

-Conversations with my coworkers have included speculations, thoughts, and opinions on what we already know. Sometimes, these "discussions" have gotten very interesting. And heated.

-With the announcement of Pokemon Bank, I am warming up to the idea of downloading Y and having a hard copy of X. I don't really like DLC; I much prefer hard copies (which is why I still buy CDs) but this will be the first major game I will play that will be digital. This way, I always have both versions with me at the same time. I've never gotten both versions at the time of release and this will probably be the first.

-Pokemon Bank has also made me a "doomsday prepper", to borrow a term. I am currently in the process of collecting a number of specific Pokemon for transfer to Pokemon Bank and Gen. VI. This includes every starter from Gen II to V (except Torchic, for obvious reasons), every Fossil Pokemon from I-V, plus a couple of "special" Pokemon: foreign language Ditto, Hidden Ability Vulpix and Eevee, plus a couple more that I haven't quite gotten yet. Most of these have been bred solely for this purpose. And did I mention that I have 2 of every single one of them (one for X and one for Y) and that they are all female? Yeah. It's taking a lot of effort for this project, but I hope it's worth it.

-I'm working on completing as much of Black 2 as possible. I just finished the Unova Dex the other day and hope to get a couple more medals before the big day. Plus with the massive breeding/collecting project I'm undertaking, it's not going very fast.

-I am also working on getting as much done in the Dream World as possible before that shuts down. There are a few specific things I'm looking for (specifically a female Absol with it's Hidden Ability) and I hope I am successful before it shuts down.

-AND FINALLY, MY GIFT TO MYSELF THAT PICKED UP YESTERDAY (after pre-ordering it as soon as I found out it was coming):

Well that's it for my Generation VI preparations (so far).

Have I gone a bit overboard? Perhaps.

Do I care? Not one bit.

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  1. Codface's Avatar
    Sounds good to me.

    My prep has been somewhat similar.

    I bought a 2nd 3ds xl and a 32gig hdsd card. Got the 3ds 2nd hand off ebay for £100 with SMB2 so £80 under new retail :) .

    Mega play coin spree. I have collected 150 so far and should be at almost the limit for launch. Sure they might not be useable but I still got them.

    The Pokemon bank prep

    3 boxes of useful DWFs. I wont be bring them over as a set but more if and when needed.

    2 boxes of IV/EV trained mons, these will be coming over.

    flawless ditto that I rng'd myself for breeding

    a couple of boxes of other breeding egg move/foreign mons. Again to be brought over if and when.

    SS/pearl playthrough. I have done a Pearl/SS playthrough to collect the legendary mons and rng'd them all to be great stats ready to bring over. Also had a couple of boxes of legendaries ready.


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