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Serena - Her Character/Personality/Flaws/Development

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A.K.A. what I wish would happen.

I'm already getting some ideas and this idea came up in my head when someone mentioned that Serena should get a Chespin so she can get an "ugly" Pokémon. And this made me thinking, how could we incorporate this into Serena's personality and her character? This is what I came up with.

I was thinking, it would be interesting to make Serena a girl who starts out as somewhat of a shallow person, someone who appreciates pretty Pokémon or cute Pokémon more than ugly or unappealing ones. I mean, think about it.

The theme of XY is beauty. We have customization. And Serena could be a character who cares about such stuff and likes her Pokemon that way. For example:

If she gets Chespin, Chespin could evolve and find that it doesn't fit Serena’s standards (which are mostly cute and appealing Pokémon) due to her initial reaction on its appearance. It would run away, but a worried Serena would chase after it which would lead to them to bonding and Serena’s character development. It would make Serena imperfect, giving her flaws as well as potential for character development.

However, I wouldn't just limit this on her Pokémon.

Serena could be a character who actually gives a damn about what others think about her, how she is perceived by others. She wants to look good to people, she wants to be liked and accepted due to the the fact she didn't have many friends in the past (this is purely speculation at this point). It would also be a nice contrast to the game where she has many friends. Masuda also mentioned the focus on bonds between friends in the games and this could translate well into the anime.

However, the one boy who actually cared enough to notice her and treat her nice was Ash, which makes sense that she would remember that one boy who wanted to be her friend from the very start regardless of how she used to act like. Dawn was into dressing up and fixing her appearance, but Serena could go beyond that and become so much more.

A character fixated on her image and her Pokémon so badly, on her beauty and appeal that she forgets what truly matters. As she travels with her friends and catches more Pokémon, she becomes more loose. She stops caring about her image and just tries to stay true to herself, the girl she used to be. Her team also begins changing in accordance to that, she catches more Pokémon that she respects for more than just their appearance or even goes as far to catch a Pokémon she previously deemed unworthy of being caught. She learns that true friends accept her for what she is and that there is no need to pretend before others. She just doesn't care.

Because you're beautiful just the way you are. (I know I know, cheesy, right? <_<)

This is what I'd like to see from her character. Her admiration from Ash would stem from Ash always staying true to himself, something Serena could never manage as well as being her first true friend before she moved to Kalos region. I realize this is highly unlikely to happen (read: impossible), but it's still nice to dream.

p.s. no Serena wouldn't be stuck up, narcissistic or arrogant at all (Just so someone doesn't take this the wrong way). She'd be a very nice girl who tries to get along with everyone with an amusing personality but with a slightly misguided view.

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Updated 24th September 2013 at 05:14 PM by Tsutarja



  1. Life's Avatar
    But Chespin is cute!?!?

  2. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
    I definitely think Serena is getting Fennekin rather than Chespin, she just looks like the kind of person who would own a Fennekin, plus Fennekin seems to be a Pokemon that appeals a lot to girls.
  3. Tsutarja's Avatar
    I meant when it evolves. :P Ofc, Serena would get this adorable little Chespin but not be as happy when it finally evolves. She would be surprised by how different it looks.

    @Robo-Floatzel; I know, it's highly likely that she's getting Fennekin, but it was just fun thinking this up and the development that could come out of her getting Chespin, lol. XD
  4. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tsutarja
    I meant when it evolves. :P Ofc, Serena would get this adorable little Chespin but not be as happy when it finally evolves. She would be surprised by how different it looks.

    @Robo-Floatzel; I know, it's highly likely that she's getting Fennekin, but it was just fun thinking this up and the development that could come out of her getting Chespin, lol. XD
    I kinda want Ash to have Chespin and Serena have Froakie, but Froakie clearly doesn't appeal to girls. I mean really, you can guess she will have a Fennekin even before she even appears, you can just feel she will have one...
  5. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Yeah, it does fit her a lot. That doesn't necessarily make it a bad outcome, though.

    Expected/Obvious =/= bad. ^^
  6. Miles101's Avatar
    *throws hands in the air*

    dear pokemon anime please MAKE IT HAPEN
  7. Hoopa's Avatar
    I think you are seriously overrating the writers if you think that is anywhere near the realm if possibility.
  8. Tsutarja's Avatar
    I know, haha, which is why I stated it's pretty much impossible to happen. xP
  9. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
    I love how almost everything you said could have described Dawn perfectly, just without the coordinator angle.

    More proof Serena is the new Dawn.
  10. Trevenant's Avatar
    Wow. The series hasn't even aired yet and people have reached the conclusion that, somehow, despite only having a few small sentences to describe her, that Serena is legitimately a Dawn clone. I'm amazed. Pardon me, I think my mind just bluescreened from this realization.
  11. Tsutarja's Avatar
    @The Fighting Misty;

    None of this describes Dawn. Dawn likes dressing up though not to the same point as Serena would, in my theory. This is completely different from Dawn. Also, please stop comparing Serena with Dawn. They are completely different characters. Just stop it, please. We don't know enough about her yet to decide she is just like Dawn.
  12. pokemon fan 132's Avatar
    To be perfectly honest this ideas About Serena draw many parallels with Iris, Misty and Dawn characters.

    "Someone who judge pokemon by their outside beauty rather than inner strength"- in some aspects its similar to Misty who had tendency to judge pokemon by looks rather than inside beauty basing her choice of captuing pokemon on that. Along with her fear from bugs also revolving around it only having issues with those she finds creepy and ugly.

    "wanting to be accepted by others not feeling like outcast"-while not identical its similar to Iris who was treated like outcast in past not having many friends becoming unthrusty toward people.

    "interested in looks, fashion and dressing"- while you painted different picture around Serena it still draws similarities with Dawn character.
  13. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Tbh, I never thought of any of the previous girls while thinking of this. It wasn't my intention.

    But I guess the fandom sees what it wants to see. Regardless of how Serena is written, the fandom will find some way to compare her to another girl. It's a shame.
  14. pokemon fan 132's Avatar
    Im not one of those people which view new character as copies of previous ones. Nor i label Serena as Dawn clone so i would be grateful if im not being threw in same bin with rest of those who actually nurture such kind of opinion.

    I only commented on certain parts in your post which draw similarities between Serena and previous female leads and why some people might jump quickly to conclusion of Serena becoming nothing more than "carbon copy of Dawn or some other previous character".
    Like i mentioned in several posts before i find each main girl had different personality and traits unique to themselves, and as such i donpt see Serena becoming clone of someone else either.
  15. dracoflare's Avatar
    You watched too much shoujo anime Ben. LOL JKJKJK

    Honestly, this is a good idea. She could be slightly shallow and then grow up into a much deeper character. I would love it.
  16. Shannaro's Avatar
    What really makes a great character is not the amount of development/screen time she have. What really matters is having an interesting/funny personality making the show more enjoyable. Having a good group chemistry that is natural and real instead of boring.
    For example, Misty she didn't have a lot of development like the other girls did but she had more personality than the others. I guess the writer developed her personality more than her goal.
    What I really hope for Serena is to have a good balance between a great and memorable personality like Misty and a reasonable goal development like May.
    Having a lot of goal development can sometimes destroy the character making her with NO personality. Having a balance between goal dev and personality dev are must in order to have a great character.
  17. The Fighting Misty's Avatar
    Depends on how Serena is handled. If she's too similar to Dawn I'll probably get bored of her fast. A lack of a decent quest or battling will be disappointing to.


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