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So pokemon direct

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I didn't have the time to watch but I read the bulbanews. So first cool online storage finally. But it has a fee. :( Well it's annual here's hoping it's under 10 dollars. Finally Charizard is getting a useful boast other then using him in a lower teir. But why didn't you make him taller? Kinda downs the coolness factor if most men are taller than it. Wait we're getting kanto starters in X and Y. Didn't I have Dream like this once except he was fully evolved. When that was probably based on a rumor. Truthful rumor. Uh oh. If you read some of my other blogs you know what I'm scared of. So wait two pokemon instantly DOUBLE BATTLE ANYONE?

note from past announcement

Maybe I shouldn't be worried about not having raisable IV's because it still possible and they probably wouldn't announce it and it still a possibility for super training. Right?

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  1. Kouzan's Avatar
    From what I'm hearing on serebii is that the fee is 500 yen annually which is around 5 US Dollars which isn't bad for an annual fee. Plus there's gonna be a free trail after the Pokemon Bank is launched so I say take full advantage of that trail until it runs out.
  2. PhilosophyPhlare's Avatar


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