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Well... I think it is time

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to say good bye to the forums, for now.

I'm getting dangerously close to knowing more details than I would like about X&Y, so, as tricky as it will be, I think I am going to stay away from the forums until October 12... or possibly until after my first play through.

I hope the next 51 days go by very quickly for myself and the rest of you Bulbagardeners!

The best games in the series so far...? I genuinely think so.

Oh my.

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  1. Akromatic's Avatar
    See you in a few months, Narcisse, even though I have never seen you before and frankly do not know why I'm even posting.
  2. Reila's Avatar
    See ya later~ I will try to leave before the next CoroCoro, but I don't think I have the motivation.
  3. Jistonmyface's Avatar
    I should do that, I just have no motivation what so ever.

    Ohh and bye!
  4. Silverwynde's Avatar
    See you soon, I hope. Honestly, you have more resolve than I; I rather enjoy being spoiled.


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