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robot forms for pokemon next generation, please!

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    Pokémecha? Count me in!
  2. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    That would be too limited in scope, since many of them would probably be Electric or Steel.
  3. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
    I would love that, in fact, my Pokesona is a robot Floatzel, and I have many robotic Pokemon OC's of my own.
  4. みさあき's Avatar
    robots are awesome
  5. Gaga's Avatar

    I feel like I must be insane
  6. みさあき's Avatar
    Well if they have "mega formes" they are bound to have robot formes next generation. Pokemon will pull anything out their butts
  7. L.L.'s Avatar
    Mechachu is ready for battle.


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