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I am a bit sad

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I am a bit sad. I am trying to lvl up my Soulsilver pokemon for a fight with Red. I am training on the gym leaders. Today I challenged Misty. It went bad. I had almost no healing stuff so she killed my Magnezone and Dragonite and Nidoking and Donphan. After that I only had Lapras and my around lvl 20 Gible(with an Exp. Share) left. Gible went down easily and Lapras too after a tough fight.
After healing up my team I challenged Janine instead. But I forgot to buy more healing stuff! And Janines Venomoth was transformed into Uber - Venomoth. I lost again. And this is what made me sad. But I revenged. I put Lugia and the mighty Electivire in the team and returned to Janine. This time it went better. I won! Uber-Venomoth was brought down by the mighty Electivires Thunderpunches. I only lost one pokemon(the mighty Electivire)and Gible evolved. I am a bit happier now.

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  1. FireBlader15's Avatar
    I first beat Red with Mewtwo catch him make it learn psychic and earthquake,train up your water type and you can possibly win
  2. Aamir's Avatar
    Good job!
  3. Sir Palpitoad's Avatar


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