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The LostFlame

Challenger Approaching Part 1

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Hey guys FireBlader15 here with awesome Smash bros related stuff here. So we know Super Smash Bros 4 is a year away so here's my list of Characters I want in the next Smash Bros plus I'm putting these in 2 parts because I have a lot of characters and I'm putting it like this is first character and game then reason then Final smash plus this is my opinion so don't be rude now let's begin.

Character: Krystal-Star Fox
Reason:Everyone wants her in SSB4.
Final Smash:Riding a pterodactyl.

Character:Leon-Star Fox
Reason: Trying to be unique might be the perfect Star Wolf Character in my opinion.
Final Smash:Idk

Character:Return of Mewtwo with Awaken form-Pokèmon
Reason:Come on we all want him
Final Smash:Turning into the awaken form and back with explosions

Character:Waddle Dee-Kirby's return to dream land
Reason:Waddle Dee has been in every Kirby game and a playable character in Kirby's Return to Dream land he deserves to be in Smash
Final Smash:Idk

Reason:No Reason everyone wants him even me
Final Smash: Turning into your opponent for a short time.

Character:Prince Fluff-Kirby's Epic Yarn
Reason:Watch Chuggaconroy's let's play of Epic Yarn
Final Smash:yarn robot(forget the name)

Character:Toon Zelda/Tedra-Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker
Reason:I want them really and they were suppose to be in brawl.
Final Smash:Zelda light arrows/Tedra Tidal wave

Character:Tails-Sonic the Hegdehog
Reason:If you have Mario and Luigi you get Sonic and Tails
Final Smash:Flying a plane

Character:Shadow-Sonic The Hegdehog
Reason:He is my favorite Sonic character want to play him so bad
Final Smash:Dark explosions

Character:Amy Rose-Sonic the Hegdehog
Reason:If you have Mario's mane female well how about Sonic's
Final Smash:Giant hammer swing

Character:Bowser Jr/Shadow Mario
Reason:I know it's on everyone's list but how did they forgot him in Brawl so come on Sakurai put him in
Final Smash:Bowser Jr Koopa Crusier with arms/Shadow Mario Mecha Bowesr

So that's part One guys hope you like it please comment and please don't be rude and see ya in part 2

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  1. Codface's Avatar
    "Character:Return of Mewtwo with Awaken form-Pokèmon
    Reason:Come on we all want him
    Final Smash:Turning into the awaken form and back with explosions"


    Oh and Ness
  2. Helioptile's Avatar
  3. Gaga's Avatar
    I don't actually want Krystal. Star Fox feels over represented given the number of games and it's relevance compared to other series that have less representatives (ahem, Metroid?)

    Definitely want Toon Zelda/Tetra. And I'm conflicted on which regular Zelda I want; Skyward Sword's or Twilight Princess'. I guess it could be something of a fusion, like Link appears to be.
    Updated 22nd July 2013 at 06:07 PM by Gaga
  4. Helioptile's Avatar
    ALSO less Sonic characters. He's meant to be a fun third party character, not a counterpart to Mario.
  5. Reila's Avatar
    I will slap Sakurai in the face if he puts more Star Fox characters in SSB4. Also, Sonic should be the only character from the Sonic franchise in the SSB series, IMO. And I don't think a lot of people want Zoroark in the game, I actually have only seen people saying that Zoroark in the game would be a "wasted slot" (lol) or something similar. I personally think Zoroark would be a nice addition, thanks to its Illusion ability, but I'd rather have Genesect or a new (female) Pokémon trainer as the new Pokémon rep.
  6. FireBlader15's Avatar
    It's my list my opinion don't get so mean about it
  7. Gaga's Avatar
    Don't misinterpret disagreement as hostility.
    Reila/Shushushushupu was stating an opinion as well?
    Quote Originally Posted by Shushupu
    [...] IMO [...] I personally think [...]
  8. FireBlader15's Avatar
    Challenger Approaching part 2 is out


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