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A strange dream

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Warning: Scenes described could be a bit graphic,

I murdered a guy in my dream :x

It was a weird and scary dream. It began me with getting up in the dream and rememberI had done something terrible the day before, maybe I stole something.....I don't just remember. Paul (from the Pokemon Anime) called me and told me to pack up everything and come with him so that we could run away before the cops figure it out. I was reluctant you know, I couldn't leave my family and run away. I thought I could somehow lie to the police and escape. Paul scolded me and told me it's a bad decision. It was early in the morning and my parents, elder brother were still asleep. I decided to run away, but I couldn't just leave my family forever, so I decided to stay back and hope no one finds out. Then this RL friend comes me, his eyes red with a lot of crying. He tells me that he figured it out. I ask what did he figure out? (I still don't know what mistake I have done.) He was scared for some reason, so he started walking fastly and said, "I'll clal the police." I was scared.

I think what I felt at that moment was the fear that I would lose the precious life with my famly that I have been cherishing. I grabbed him by the collar and pushed him off the first floor to kill him. I didn't realize I made a bigger mess, not until a second later.

I ran downstairs and found some blood. Some of it was coming from my legs, that's when I realized I forgot to trim my toe nails. I am not sure why something so random came up in such a serious scene. Anyway, I ran upto my friend and found him lying in a pool of blood. I don't know why, i just held him in horror(I didn't even cry) instead of running away, like Paul told me to (yes pity is that my friend didn't die.) He became blind, he had broken teeth and and he became retarded. He started spouting nonsense, talking weird stuff with his broken and bloodied teeth. A couple of people came and asked what happened. I told them that he slipped and fell down without a second thought or remorse. Or maybe I was remorseful but too shocked to tell the truth(convenience?). I felt like a terrible person.

In the end, the media and the police came to my house and asked what happened. I gave a detailed account on how he slipped and got away from the police without getting caught. The dream ended there, probably means that I lived a happy life ever after.........but that won't happen in real life.

The strange part is, it didn't even seem like a horror dream.

I got up in the morning to realize that I should catch the new episode of Dexter Season 8.

None of this is fiction: This is the most vividest dream I ever had in ages.

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  1. FireBlader15's Avatar
    Super super super weird
  2. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Lol, you should have just ran away with Paul :P
  3. dracoflare's Avatar
    He seemed unreliable. He's a new friend.
  4. FANG-TAN's Avatar


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