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Quest to Promote Golurk to RU

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Now, I don't consider myself a regular battler since I don't battle often, since I will admit I have a certain fear of being overwhelmed by the opposition and losing. Even more so is that I am not much of an RU battler. However, one thing I observed on Smogon is how the general usage of Pokemon makes it difficult for any Pokemon to drop down a tier, or even rise. Take a look at April's RU list, for example (Top 70):

If you noticed, there is a significant difference in numbers between rank #56 and rank #57. Another thing to note is that every Pokemon found from rank #56 and above are RU for one reason or another, with a few being below the line at this point (Klinklang and Mandibuzz). What I am saying is, a Pokemon found in RU rarely drops a tier, and even more so for a Pokemon originally found in NU to rise to RU. Compared to Pokemon Online, where changes in Pokemon are more common, as the last time, there were 8 Pokemon moving from LU (Smogon's RU equivalent) to NU, while 1 moved from NU to LU (Poliwrath). As such, the tier list in PO is different from Smogon, especially in the lower tiers.

If you notice the title, this is about Golurk. One thing I would love to see is for Golurk to be on Smogon's RU list, because I felt it deserves to be on it, due to its advantages. On Smogon's RU Viability list, Golurk is even at a B+ rank, which is very good for a Pokemon that is not in RU (the highest for NU's Pokemon in that list is A-, taken by Tauros, Zangoose and Jynx). There are other Pokemon that would make a good fit in RU too, such as Alomomola, but I like Golurk, so I am thinking specifically about it.

So what I am going to do is to play as many battles as possible with Golurk in the team to raise its ranking. I do not know how many battles are required to meet this (I could estimate, but the numbers could be off), but I do hope that my participation makes a difference.

I have currently made two teams with Golurk, although I felt I had not made the perfect one yet. Basically one team utilises Para-Shuffling with Druddigon and some slow offensive stuff (because of paralysis support), while another is more of a tankish team featuring Fraxure. Future teams I would look forward to making utilises the Golurk + Ferroseed combo of hazard control, a team with Golurk's Rock Polish set, and a powerful Choice Band set, with possibly Cinccino as a partner.

Here are some replays with my current teams:
- Viewing Pokémon replay: ru-17717328 - Pok (My first time with my first team)
- Viewing Pokémon replay: ru-18275327 - Pok (My first time with my second team (If I recall correctly))
- Viewing Pokémon replay: ru-18276961 - Pok (The MVP of this battle is not Golurk, but two other members of the team)
- Viewing Pokémon replay: ru-18277970 - Pok (Golurk did its part, but more importantly, I defeated a Regen-core)
- Viewing Pokémon replay: ru-18419364 - Pok (Golurk does its part by setting up Rocks and keeping certain opponents in check)
- Viewing Pokémon replay: ru-18420614 - Pok (This is a close battle that could have gone different if I were to be more well-informed with certain things, such as Omastar being unable to have Sturdy)

If you have any advice, please inform me. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading.

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  1. SharKing's Avatar
    I get that Golurk is amazing in RU, but consider this: if it actually rises to RU, doesn't that kinda alienate NU players? Golurk can play in RU and still be NU, ya know.
  2. Winterdaze's Avatar
    I used to play RU a lot, and Golurk was on almost every single one of my teams. I could definitely attest to it's viability then (this was pre-BW2), but then I'm not sure how much the metagame has changed since I stopped playing competitively.

    Either way it's a good 'mon, and one of the few that is more or less viable in every tier.
  3. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
    There are pokémon that are technically suited for a lower tier simply due to not being centralizing in the metagame, yet that doesn't mean they can't be used and even be more useful in higher tiers.

    For instance, Ninjask in earlier Gens was all but completely useless in UU and OU, but then quite useful in Ubers. (Then Gen V happened and nope)
  4. winstein's Avatar
    @SharKing; This logic could be applied to any Pokemon, such as Amoonguss, Cinccino, and a few other examples.

    The thing with Smogon's Pokemon Showdown metagame is, the tier's borderline usage is steep, so if you look at UU's stats, you can easily see which members will get into the tier, since the borderline is like 0.9% difference between Dusclops and Qwilfish (compared to PO's ~0.1% difference between Mismagius and Dusclops). Also, everything above Dusclops are currently UU mainstays, meaning that you have to be lucky for RU to receive a new Pokemon. Conversely, an RU Pokemon needs to be lucky to be promoted to UU.

    Now here's the thing: the usage in UU for the RU Pokemon won't be significant early on, but if they are promoted, significant changes will happen, such as Cofagrigus, who was borderline before being promoted, but once it is declared UU, it rank is in the mid-range.

    Now, I am not saying that you don't have a point. Cinccino was the most used in NU at one time, so I don't know if its promotion alienate certain NU players. However, now that you mention it, there are advantages with Golurk in NU that gave me second thoughts. NU allows Golurk to be a beast in Tier Shift because it is a very useful Pokemon, attaining #7 in usage. (Tier Shift is where a Pokemon's tier placement determines the bonus base stat it gains in all six of them, so Golurk gets +15 for being NU) I suppose you could say I wish for Golurk to be more recognised, so putting it in RU would give it that, although its popularity in NU is no slouch, always being in Top 4 ever since it dropped.

    @Winterdaze; When B2W2 came around, Golurk gains a number of things that makes it viable in both offence and support. Offensively, the elemental punches are a boon, especially Ice Punch, since it is a more reliable answer to Flying-types, as well as attaining awesome coverage, hitting 14 types for super-effective damage (Shadow Punch, Ice Punch, Earthquake, Drain Punch). Gligar was a problem for Golurk then, but Ice Punch will ensure Gligar isn't a counter this time, although it's UU now, so Golurk has one less counter. Support-wise, Golurk gains Stealth Rock, which is very good for a Ghost-type since Stealth Rock cannot be removed as long as Golurk is around.

    The metagame changes is arguably better because Cofagrigus is not around, which means Golurk isn't hindered by Mummy when it attempts to use Shadow Punch. The overall offensive metagame also pave the way for Golurk to hurt a team with Rock Polish or Choice Band.

    @Infinity Mk-II; Tiers are usage-based, yes, so the less centralising ones will not be used very often. Still, whether they are viable in the tier is another matter. In fact, here's a Smogon thread for RU Viability Ranking, which is subject to change, but if you look, some NU 'mons are in a good place, while some RU 'mons are not as viable. Now the thing is, because of the history of a Pokemon's placement, such as Sandslash, a lot of players will think that because of Sandslash's placement, they think it is useful, when in fact, it is very difficult to capitalise well.

    Basically, finding something that is more suited for being centralised is more difficult when there are still people thinking that a tier is confined to certain groups of Pokemon. I suppose one person couldn't change this, but every vote counts. Pokemon Online didn't face this kind of problem, because the usage ranks make a smoother line, and Golurk is actually LU (equivalent of RU) on Pokemon Online.

    Still, I agree that tier placement doesn't really diminish a Pokemon's usefulness, so I am glad to see Golurk being very useful in NU, actually.

    Thanks for reading.
    Updated 14th May 2013 at 08:51 AM by winstein
  5. Bubble Frog's Avatar
    I've never utilized Golurk myself actually, though I'll give this blog a more through read through in my free time.
  6. Water Max's Avatar
    I've used a Golurk in my White version party and used it in the International Challenge Wi-Fi tournaments.
  7. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    Do you seriously want NU to be even more dominated by Sawk and Primape than it already is?
  8. winstein's Avatar
    Just a quick mention of this battle: RU replay: HP AwesomeChono vs. Fredmov18 - Pokémon Showdown

    It's not a battle with Golurk, but there is a conversation sandwiched in this battle that outlines that someone that isn't from Bulbagarden noticed this blog, which is impressive because I didn't think anyone would notice the comment.

    In other news, Golurk failed to make the cut by approximately 1.2%, but it made the cut on June's stats. The results were so close! Sigh, there's always next time...

    Thanks for reading.


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