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Race for Life 2013!

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Today my best friend and I completed our first significant run: Cancer Research UK's Race for Life! It's a huge series of race-based events of either 5 or 10 kilometre lengths ran (or jogged, or walked) throughout the UK to raise money for Cancer Research, often but not always run in honour of those one knows who are fighting or were lost to cancer (as in our cases). Since we've never done any distances like this and we both have asthma and don't cope well with heat, we only took on the 5k challenge this year, but we managed to complete it jogging most of the way. This is huge progress for me, who usually shies from exercise and easily passes out in heat, especially as today was the hottest day of the year so far and there was no cloud cover or shade on the course. I definitely feel like I've done our sponsors justice and we managed to raise over a hundred pounds as a pair and, at this particular event (with a total of around 9000 runners), contributed this to a total of one million pounds. I'm really excited that we were able to raise so much money for the charity at this one event and I can't wait to find out the total for all the ones that will take place this summer! I definitely feel this is going to become a yearly thing for me as it was very enjoyable and there was a great sense of friendliness and fun in both the silly warmups and the race itself, especially with the help of a very supportive public and genuinely motivational volunteers (not to mention the fact that event sponsors made sure we got fruit, brioche and extra water after collecting our medals at the finish line - I bloody love brioche!).

All in all a very rewarding day!

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  1. Tophat Dragoneye's Avatar
    Congratulations on making through the marathon. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.
  2. CrackFox's Avatar
    Woah well done. I can't imagine what it must have been like running in this heat. I definitely couldn't do it.
  3. Kaori's Avatar
    @Tophat Dragoneye; Thanks! Yeah, it was a really fun day in the end.

    @CrackFox; Thank you xD It wasn't actually as hard as you might expect, at least until I ran out of my drink around halfway through. Really considering doing the 10k next year.


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