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Sigh... (Mafia games)

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Mafia games... what am I doing wrong?

I just don't feel the spark anymore.

Let me explain myself. Over the last half a year I've been noticing that I'm not good at mafia games. Sure, I like them. But I always end up either
a)almost not contributing.
b)getting so lost in the discussions I can't form a good argument.
c) Staying quiet.
d) being a general hindrance for the team I'm on.

I'm beggining to feel that I can't catch up with most of you guys.

What do you reccomend guys?

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  1. Kagerou's Avatar
    I used to get so excited over them, but whenever I sign up, I do those exact same things. I have taken a 95% permanent leave from the War Room because of that.
  2. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    That happened to me. It was fun but eventually I just kinda got burned out of playing mafia games. I'm not sure what you can do, maybe take a break from the War Room or reduce the number of games you play in at a time if you play in a few at a time, other than that I don't have any real suggestions :>
  3. FinalArcadia's Avatar
    I think having more confidence in your hunches and reads could be helpful, to try not to be afraid of the disagreements that other players may have with them. Then it's easier to get into discussions, though I can understand that it might take some time to do.

    I can think of games where you were a key player at different points, so it's not that you're just "not good" at them, just that perhaps you should believe in both yourself and what you think more while playing them. ^^
  4. Soulmaster's Avatar
    I know how you feel, after all I'm like what you said in most games. But just like FA said, I've seen times where you've helped lead the town(or mafia). Ju8st stick with it, you might feel like that 75% of the time but that other bit would be great. If you really think so I suggest taking a break, they help everyone.
  5. Orion's Avatar
    I'd say you're a good player. You can be pretty intimidating when you really get going.
  6. Reila's Avatar
    I don't even know what a mafia game is *sigh*


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