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The professor's studio.

Ok, sure; why not?

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*Straps eyeband so that he can't see, and adds a target to his clothes*

Ask away bulbagardners. Even questions that are not in here.

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  1. Paperhorse's Avatar
    11 & 31
  2. Faerie's Avatar
    41 & 31.
  3. Midorikawa's Avatar
    24, 52, and 40
  4. Neon Borealis's Avatar
    11.- My mother side Grandparents. May they rest in peace.

    31.- 1/3rd of it would go to myfamily's expenses, 1/3rd of it would be for savings and the rest for whateve I pleased (Let's be honest. I'd probably spend it in nintendo games and Yu-Gi-Oh cards).

    41.- Either somewhere with view of the sea, or in a mountain town with lots of wind.

    25.- Become an excellent engineer to help my family.

    52.-¿¿¿??? (No, really).

    40.- Oh boy... benig a first person witness of an almost car crash/car upside down. I hope I never live through that again.


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