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Xbox fans, REJOICE!

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Updated 20th June 2013 at 01:12 AM by SquishyFace



  1. Helioptile's Avatar
    Welcome back to the Trinity, Microsoft.
  2. Rainbow's Avatar
    I'm still sticking with the PS4. This does make it so that I will get an Xbone someday though, instead of never.
  3. L.L.'s Avatar
    While Microsoft now has a chance in the console war again, there's a lot of less obvious stuff still there. Let's not forget the lovely Kinect that watches you sleep for example. Anyhow, it's going to sell like mad anyways.
  4. Reila's Avatar
    That is nice for those who like the kind of games Microsoft and Sony provide :) I will be sticking with the Wii U anyways.
  5. Iteru's Avatar
    The fact that Microsoft tried to pull this shit in the first place is astounding. While I'm happy for Xbox fans (I'm a Sony guy fyi :P) I think they shouldn't be too happy with the company backtracking; never should have had to backtrack.
  6. Gaga's Avatar
    What Iteru said; especially since before backpedaling, they maintained that the DRM was "integral" and they claimed the console was built around these "features". Obviously that wasn't true given how easily they dropped the DRM.

    Still won't get an Xbox One even though I have a 360.
  7. Misty Calls Masquerain's Avatar
    Well at least the XB1 MIGHT be acceptable. I'm still not buying it, but at least it's not horrible.
  8. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    It will still be watching you 24/7, it's still the spybox one.
  9. The Outrage's Avatar
    Watch them wait until enough people have it and get "addicted" to it and then introduce these features. It's gonna be like an awful drug, try it once, don't see the bad effects until much later.

    Quite frankly, I still wouldn't support a gaming system that we know was built to be equipped with these features and was actually it's "selling points" even if they backtracked.


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