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Can someone please tell me

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Why I keep falling over?

It only happens when I run around and it's been happening for two days straight now

I haven't meddled with my clock on my 3DS

and I haven't been given a bad fortune from Katrina

and I haven't even changed shoes.

What is this

50,000 Bells to the first person with an actual answer.

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  1. jasonwolf's Avatar
    its a random chance it sucks yes, but it is. I've had the same issue.

    My guess might actually be the fortune cookies though. have you gotten a non win yet? Also it could be from playing to long and your character being tired.
  2. CrackFox's Avatar

    This is so like you Frankie. Have you checked to see if your character has 'cake' written on his hand?
  3. Froakie's Avatar
    ^I've played for as long I think, and I haven't fallen over once.

    Can't answer this but the pictures did give me a good chuckle
  4. Eleven's Avatar
    I don't have Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but this post made me laugh my ass off.
  5. Rainbow's Avatar
    I've played everyday since release last week and haven't fallen yet...

    But lol.
  6. Helioptile's Avatar
    They're testing Villager's tripping out for Smash Bros 4.
  7. Eleven's Avatar

    Tripping has been removed from Smash 4.
  8. Helioptile's Avatar
  9. jda95's Avatar
  10. Kyriaki's Avatar
    I don't play Animal Crossing, but this post was so funny XDD
  11. Xita's Avatar
    You've been cursed basically. The chances rise depending on what you're wearing on some days and other things. Katrina will tell you this and she can help you out. ( You'll have to wait till she moves in to Main Street to have her available to permanently help you though.)


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