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Things you probably didn't know about me.

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Here's some shit you probably didn't know about me.

1. I just got one of my ears pierced.
2. I like to pretend that I have psychic powers.
3. I shave my armpits. I keep my leg hair, though. (I know people who swim who shave all their body hair. I'm not one of those people. I like my leg hair.)
4. I've been to Egypt. I even saw the pyramids.
5. I have seen dolphins in the wild.
6. I don't know how to blow bubblegum.
7. I have very sharp canine teeth. No, I'm not a vampire. (Otherwise I'd sparkle in the sunlight.)
8. I'm afraid of goats.
9. Sometimes I wear skinny jeans.
10. Mostly I wear trunks under my trousers (they kind of look like briefs, only they're square). Sometimes I wear boxers.
11. I used to share my room with my older brother. Then my sister moved out and now I have my own room.
12. I have a seal poster in my room. (I mean the animal, not the singer, although his music's kind of good.)
13. I've never had a job.
14. One of my cousins has three nipples. He's got a third one below his right nipple. He used to insist on wearing a shirt in the pool to hide it.
15. I've done cosplay twice.
16. I sleep in my underwear most of the time.
17. I got my appendix removed two years ago. I still have my tonsils, though.
18. I've never had a cavity.
19. I knew someone who they had to call poison control for. Some kid I knew when I lived in Sydney had a little brother who drank bleach. Luckily, they cured the kid. I remember it was really scary - the kid's mum practically had a heart attack over the whole thing. Though I can see why.
20. I briefly knew someone who was born before 1900. When I was a wee kid in Lebanon, my paternal grandfather's aunt lived two doors down. She was born in 1899. We used to visit her all the time. She passed away a few weeks after her 100th birthday. (I barely remember her. She lived with a grandson - her three kids all died before she did.)
21. On the same token, my paternal grandfather had at least 60 first cousins. My grandfather's dad was one of 16, and his mum was one of 10. People in Lebanon used to have loads of kids back then. I have hundreds of third cousins whom I never met.
22. Sometimes I don't mind fakes. If it's something like fake jewels, then it's not bad. Some fakes are actually well-made in their own right. My mum has a beautiful diamond necklace that my dad gave her, and at first neither of them knew it was a fake diamond. She still loves it the same and wears it frequently. And she owns plenty of costume jewelry, so it works. But fake video games are unbearable.

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    2. I like to pretend that I have psychic powers.
    By any chance, do you run a psychic detective agency and have a black best friend?

    The reference, if anyone was curious.


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