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Tsutarja's opinion on the new XY information.

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First off, Fairy type? Fuck yes! I don't care if people think it's girly, it's as mythical as dragons, makes enough sense and I'm loving the fact it's super-effective against dragons. It also gives Steel and Poison a little more power so it's a nice choice by Gamefreak. It IS kinda strange that Marill has been retyped to part Fairy, but then again, it belongs to the Fairy egg group so it's not complete nonsense.

I wonder what other Pokémon have been retyped ... anyway!

As for the new Pokémon, in no particular order:

This beast is fucking amazing. I don't care if it's weak in competitive battling or if Stealth Rock can crush it easily, just look AT IT! It looks AMAZING and it's FIRE/FLYING, I've been wishing so hard for Fletchling to evolve into a Fire/Flying type in order to escape the generic Normal/Flying type of evolution and my wishes have been fulfilled. For once, I'm looking forward to Ash getting the regional bird in anime. The name is a bit odd, but who cares, this thing is a beast!

I like it. It's cute, pretty and I'm all in for another butterfly Pokémon. Though it looks way better in the official art than it does in the game. Its pre-evolutionary forms also look nice, simplistic and realistic - I really like it. Shame though that it's the typical Bug/Flying typing, I wish they did something along the lines of Talonflame and did something creative.

I'm afraid this might be an unpopular opinion, but, something is off with the design of Noivern. It just looks strange to me and not in a cool way and I'd say that the biggest distraction and put-off from the design are those giant ears, they just seem - out of place, the design looks ... ugh, I just can't describe in words. It's weird. We'll see if I warm up to it later (which is likely to happen) but as of right now, I'm not sharing the same enthusiasm about this Pokémon as you guys. :/

Skrelp is odd, but in a cool way - I like the creative design and the fact that it's a Water/Poison. I wonder what the evolution will look like ...

Wow, a shrimp Pokémon - I love it, especially the tone of blue that dominates in the design, it looks appealing (yeah, blue is favorite color). I bet that if Cilan stays for XY saga that he will get this Pokémon since it's ... well, a shrimp. I can already imagine this thing evolving into a killer sea beast. I really, really wanna know what this thing evolves into.

Um, this certainly is a strange one. Strange design, creepy eyes, strange typing, looking like a plushy ... I don't know, we'll see. I'm not that fond of it. :/

So, I certainly hope not all Fairy types are gonna look like this, haha. This is an adorable little thing, I can see it evolving into Grass/Fairy - it's nice. It's kinda silly to think that this little thing is super-effective against, I don't know, Haxorus. :P

Next, I found out that there are 4 'rivals' ?

First off, I doubt they'll all be rivals. I think that Serena/Calum (speaking of which, I'm so happy they went for these names rather than Yvonne/Xavier) will be the only serious rival in the story since he/she is the only ones implied to want to become a powerful Pokémon trainer. Shauna is still looking for a dream of her own, Trevor simply wants to fill out the Pokedex and Tierno wants to create a dance team.

So yeah, I think they'll mostly be just friends who will help you from time to time, and definitely form tag teams with you. And I'm completely cool with that - I'm actually happy that there are so many new characters right off the bat - the more the merrier - it will just make the game more enjoyable.

Viola, the first gym leader in Kalos, the Bug type specials, looks ... okay. Her design is nothing that really stands out, she has a camera - so what? :/

Also, Sky Battle and Hoard Battles? I have no clue what Sky Battles are all about, but Hoard Battles look tough if you mess with the wrong kind of Pokémon. Though they also seem like a good way of collecting EXP.

Pokémon Amie? I don't really care. I wish Masuda told us more about the plot, villains or even Mewtwo - those are the most interesting part of the games besides the characters. I wanna know if there really will be 2 Mewtwo forms or not and if Mewtwo is going to play a vital role in the schemes of the new villain team.

Trailers looks sweet, I'm still liking the graphics - Gamefreak have outdid themselves with these games, everything looks wonderful and it's not even the final footage.

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  1. Envoy's Avatar
    I agree with you on the Noivern thing. I think it looks appropriately badass...untill you reach its ears. They are just a tad too large and they turn what should be a scary Pokmon into something that just looks silly or comical.

    It could be because the sprite isn't as detailed as the art, so those ears look like giant eyes unless you're paying attention, and when your "eyes" are that big in proportion to the rest of your body, you can't help but look goofy. It'll probably grow on me, but for now, I think this guy is going to suffer the "Garchomp treatment" (IMO Garchomp's design is awkward, so even though it's a badass, I don't like it.)

    It doesn't help that it's type is a generic Dragon/Flying. Dark/Dragon, or Dark/Flying would have been better.

    I also think Vivillion (sp?) would have been better served as a Bug/Fairy with Levitate. I think I saw it use Fairy Wind in the trailer, so GF at least hinted at a possible connection.


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