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My First Ever Bulbaversary!

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Wow I can’t believe I’ve officially been part of BMGF for a year now.

I originally joined after an announcement of the PWT in BW2. It made me curious if Misty was coming back and I found a thread about it on BMG and wanted to join the discussion so obviously I made an account.

Since then I’ve made lots of new friends and learned new things. BMG has truly been awesome for me this past year and without it I don’t know how I would have dealt with some of the stressful things of life. Thank you I love you guys!

And now everyone’s favorite part, mentions: Sorry if I suck at expressing feelings and also order means nothing since I’ve always been unorganized









@Charles Dunois;




@Lief Katano;

It’s almost three here and I’m forgetting what I wanted to say about people so sorry for the rest that’s about to be lazy.

Other Awesome People:

Sorry if I forgot anyone but as I said before it’s late and now officially 3:30ish that I’ll be posting this. Thank you all for a wonderful first year.

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  1. Faerie's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary my harpy! I love talking to you and I wish I had more time to chat with you! [s]Unfortunately I'm completely busy this summer, but I still have a bit of time during the evening. I'll also reply one day. During the summer.[/s]

    [s]And gosh that is one gorgeous artwork.[/s]
  2. Icestar649's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary
  3. Greece's Avatar
    Why am I always late for these things? ;__;

    Yes! I am one of the awesome people! Happy Bulbaversary! C:
  4. Momoka's Avatar
    AWWWW thank you so much Midori!! That's all really sweet, oh my gosh! <33 I can't believe it's been a year already!

    Happy bulbaversary! You're a super awesome person and I love talking to you! We need to start talking more, as soon as possible! also awesome fanart awww yeah
  5. GengarWithSunglasses's Avatar
    Happy belated Bulbaversary! :D
  6. Caprizant's Avatar
    Belated happy Bulbaversary to you, and thanks for the mention! :3c
  7. Erdrick's Avatar
    Sorry that I'm late because I never get on here anymore, but happy Bulbaversay!
  8. returnofmastercrazyhand's Avatar
    thanks for calling me awesome and happy bulbaversery!
  9. Seto_Koiba's Avatar
    Happy bulbaversary

    I'm sorry I didn't get a gift...(-pulls moldy half of a lollipop from pocket-)

    Will this suffice?
    (Also, thanks for the kindness, and btw, you were one of the ones who got me started back in the forums...I joined a long time ago[if 2-3 years COUNTS as a long time...] when I absolutely had no idea how to behave on forums...but rejoined later.)

  10. Analytic Magnezone's Avatar
    Awww, thanks. Happy Bulbaversary! :)
  11. Pain Split's Avatar
    Guh. I can't believe I'm this late for such an event. Thanks for the mention, and happy overbelated Bulbaversary.
  12. Squall Leonhart's Avatar
    Ahh, this is months late, but thank you for the mention and what you said!! I hope you had a nice bulbaversary! (I would say more but this is already waay late)
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